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Our furry four-legged friends are an inseparable part of our family and as pet parents, all we want is to see them wagging their tails in happiness and joy. But it's heartbreaking when you need to go on a long holiday plan and you can’t take your furry family member with you. Leaving them behind is the worst nightmare that a caring and responsible pet parent can have but things are different when you are connected with Another Home.

Another Home is a renowned and the best dog boarding in Gurgaon which is dedicated to the care of your four-legged family friend. For concerned pet parents like you, we are offering a home away from home for your beloved pet so that they cannot get home-sickness when they are away from you. So, if you are also planning your next long weekend holiday and are concerned about your pet, then drop all your worries now as Another Home is just a call away from your service. Leaving your dog at dog boarding Gurgaon will welcome more than enough benefits and joy for your beloved pet. Let’s take a look at convincing points that will help you to know how a dog hostel is aiding the happiness of your pet.


Best Pet Boarding In Gurgaon

Those days are gone when you have to think a lot about going outstation while leaving your little pet alone at home. No matter how much you love your pet, there is always a time when you have to leave them behind or alone for some reason; it can be due to a medical emergency or travel or work-related issue. You have to find a great alternative to leaving your dog in a safe and secure environment when you are not with them.

Pet boarding services are all about keeping your little friend safe and happy when you are away from them. We at Another Home present a comfortable, hygienic, and cageless best pet boarding service to make your pet feel relaxed when you are away from home. With trained dog owners' help, we ensure that your little furry will be taken care of at our best pet boarding in Gurgaon.

We provide the ultimate safe and healthy environment for your best friend. Whether you want to train your dog or to make your friend socialize more with other canines while you're busy at the office, Another Home, pet boarding Gurgaon is the best option to opt for. Leave your dog with us, and observe the changes it will bring to your little friend's life.

Our pet boarding center is designed in such a way that it will cater to all the specific and generic needs of dogs. Your beloved dog will be occupied with enjoyment and fun from dawn to dusk. From giving them the right food to taking them out for exercise, our pet trainers will do their best to treat your dog with love and happiness.

We present another home for dogs where they can stay relaxed and comfortable while away from their parents and receive equal care and love. We can help you breathe a sigh of relief when you plan to leave the station.

Why Another Home Is Better Than Any Other Pet Boarding Gurgaon?

Another Home is the best because of some of the best amenities and facilities that no other pet boarding Gurgaon presently can offer.

Best Pet Trainers And Caretakers

Experience matters mostly when speaking about dog care. It is not something that can be taught to someone without giving practical exposure. Another Home comprises some of the best dog trainers that no other pet boarding facility in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR can provide. Some of us trainers have around more than 10 years of experience. With these trainers and caretakers, you can leave your pet without any hesitation or doubt.

Spacious Grounds

Canines require space to roam, and it also affects their overall health. Confiding in one space can have an impact on the physical and mental well-being. Chances are that if you do not socialize with your pet or provide them with some space, it will turn them toward aggressive behaviour. Thus, sufficient space must be available for the pet to walk, sprint, or do any other activity. It is also recommended that pet owners take their pets for a walk daily.

At Another Home, you can find a spacious ground which can be sufficient enough to roam a Great Dane or a Mastiff making it the best pet boarding Gurgaon.

Daily Training

Training is the most necessary part. This is what makes any pet boarding Gurgaon or anywhere else distinctive from the other. At Another Home, every pet is given a separate and sufficient time dedicated to their training to make them the best companion a pet owner can have. Common training exercises include reward-based training based on developing positive behaviour in your pet and being at least able to understand simple commands like Sit, Stay, Heel, and Come.

Benefits of Enrolling your Doggo at Dog Boarding:

Alleviate Separation Anxiety

When you will be away from your dog then it is obvious that they will encounter separation anxiety if they are left behind at home all by themselves which is not good for their mental and physical health. To alleviate the separation anxiety, there is no better option than enrolling your pet in some dog kennel in Gurgaon as there they will find more mates to brighten their day with joy. Socialization with mates is a really very great therapy to alleviate separation anxiety.

Go to Solution for Immediate Travel Plans

As pet parents, almost each of us must have encountered the dilemma of leaving our beloved pet behind when we need to urgently travel somewhere unexpectedly. In that case, Dog Boarding in Gurgaon is the best go to option that you can choose. At AnotherHome, we have a team of professionals who knows the best way to treat your dog with all love and care that they need during their staycation with us.

Maximizes the Scope of Socialization

Like humans, our four-legged furry family members also need to socialize to keep their day to day stress and anxiety away. There are pet parents who don’t have enough time to take their doggo outside so that they can meet some other dogs and socialize with them. But at Dog Hostel in Gurgaon, they will find their best buddies like them with whom they can socialize and enjoy some fun activities.

Access to a Grand Play Area

We all love to live in metro cities, big apartments, etc. but have you ever thought of this if your pet is loving it or not. Because these metro cities’ structures are not enough pet friendly and are restricting your pets to the apartments. At Dog Hostel in Gurgaon, your pet can enjoy access to a grand play area where they will find more furry friends with whom they can spend some best play moments that they cannot have at your closed and restricted apartments.

Scope to Physical Activity and Exercise

Restricted to your packed schedule, things become harder for pet parents and they start living in guilt of not giving what their beloved four-legged family member deserve. Get rid of this guilt with the best dog boarding in Gurgaon as we will provide the best scope of exercise and fun activities for your furry friend so that they can get served what they deserve. Surrounded by pet experts and professionals, you can rest assured regarding the safety and security of your pet. Let your doggo be our guest and next time, they will ask you to take them to us.

Buddy Day Care

Expert Care

Backed by the team of Pet Experts, we proudly say that we can take care of everything about your pets as no one else can. Each and every expert employed at our dog boarding in gurgaon is a certified professional who knows how to handle your pet with ultimate care and how to create a friendly surrounding for them to make them feel home. From their nutrition to exercise, they take care of everything.

CCTV Secured

Safety and security at our dog boarding in gurgaon are uncompromised. We cater our services to our clients with the safety of their pets as the top priority in our mind. We make sure that every corner of the boarding centre is escape free otherwise dogs can escape on the streets and can injure themselves by any motor vehicle. To ensure safety, we also installed multiple CCTV cameras so that we can keep keen eye on pets. So, if you are choosing AnotherHome as your dog boarding in Gurgaon, then you can rest assured regarding the safety and security of your beloved pets. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to provide a Home to your Doggo away from Home!

Buddy Day Care

Perfect Vacation For Your Pet

While you enjoy your vacation, your pet can have a memorable time at Another Home; the best dog boarding Gurgaon can have. With more than 50 pets already enjoying their visit at Another Home, it can be the best place for your pet to leave the four walls and find the best place to live. With proper training facilities, even with so many other pets, Another Home provides the proper attention to your pet's needs.

How Much Can It Cost To Leave My Pet At Another Home?

We offer the most affordable prices even for a single day which are way beyond any other dog boarding Gurgaon facility. Prices are the main concern for any pet owner. Thus anyone needs to determine whether the price paid is worth it or not.

Along with the single-day accommodation, we do offer a training program for your pet. These include:

  • Proper accommodation with a separate space for your pet.
  • Meals with morning and evening snacks.
  • Medication (if mentioned by the owner).
  • The amenity of grooming and bathing to keep your pet safe from diseases.

Best Preventive Measures To Keep Your Pet Safe At Another Home

Apart from the amenity of food and accommodation, safety is another major concern for the pet owner. At Another Home, your pet, along with many others, can find an amazing, safe and secure environment where they are under surveillance 24/7. The purpose of this is to keep the pets under check and avoid any conflict among the pets, chances of which are sometimes likely.