Pet Bathing

Spa and Pet Bathing Services

Bathing your furry friend is an important part of pet care as it removes unpleasant smell and dirt accumulated on their coat. A dog with healthy skin and a healthy coat is a happy dog.

Another Home makes sure to bathe your dog with the utmost care. Bathing not only cleans the skin and coat of the dog but also removes loose hair, debris and specific skin conditions if any.

Pet Care - Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing

How often should you bathe your canine friend? Bathe your dog when it is absolutely necessary or when they have an unpleasant odor or have dirt or mud on their coat. If you bathe your furry friend too frequently, then it will dry out their hair coat and skin. Dogs with skin problems must have bathing schedules as it will help them in treating their skin condition. Another Home uses the shampoo and conditioner designed especially for dogs, and the professionals will need to pat and stroke different parts of your pet to make them comfortable during bathing.

Brushing Dog's Coat

Brushing the coat of your furry friend will help in distributing the natural skin's oils all over their hair shaft and promoting the shiny coat. The brushing of the dog's coat will differ for each dog because of their coat type and length. Dogs with short coats will require less brushing compared to the dog with a long-haired or medium coat. Another Home understands that each dog has different types of hair, and that is why they use a brush that is comfortable for your dog. Brushing is a soothing, relaxing, and pleasant experience for your furry friend that is what Another Home expects to achieve.