Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming Services

Combing and brushing the dog’s hair coat are essential as it will keep the dog’s coat in good condition. Brushing helps in removing the loose hairs, and dirt to slide off the hair and even prevent the hair knots.

Grooming your dog helps in strengthening the relationship between you and your furry friend. Another home makes sure that grooming service offered by them is pleasant and comfortable for your dog.

Pet Care - Pet Grooming

Pawdicure & Much More

Grooming and cleaning are essential for your dog’s hygiene. So here at Another Home, we offer competent pawdicure and bathing services to all our canine guests. Our services include nail clipping, relaxing baths, paw tidy, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, toenail polish, cutting, trimming of furs, and combing out detangled furs. Another Home uses a wide range of herbal shampoos, bath oils, and other medicated products while giving our furry guests our amazing spa and bathing package. Our groomers make sure the experience of bathing and nail clipping and other services is pleasant for our canine friends.

Fur-Fect Experts At Work

A healthy fur of your canine companion should be smooth and shiny; they should be brittle or coarse. The fur of your furry friend should be free from mites, ticks and greasy substance and dandruff. You can avail the grooming services for your dog’s as regular grooming will keep the fur of your dog’s clean and free from tangles. Our groomers trim your dog’s hair to ensure they are not covering the sensitive areas like ears, eyes and mouth of your pet and then shampooing it will help in keeping the dog’s coat clean.