10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

  May 30, 2022   |   17736   |    5 min read

There are many cat and dog lovers in the world. Many people prefer to have a pet dog instead of a cat. It is the greatest question that why dogs are better than cats. Keeping the points logically, there are many reasons that proves dogs are better than cats. As per people's opinion, many think that there is not even a comparison between them. But we will give you the solid reasons that shows why dogs are better than cats. 

So, let’s have a look at the 10 reasons why dogs are better than cats. 

1. Dogs Help You To Stay Active And Fit

By nature, dogs need to walk and play. Dogs also encourage their owners to walk and help them to stay active. Dogs love to run around you and put all their energy out and loves to explore new surroundings. By doing physical exercises with your dog, you are keeping yourself physically fit and active. 
Whereas a cat being lazy in nature, normally spends 12 to 14 hours in sleeping. Cats do not want to go outside and love to stare, pounce, and bite.

2. Dogs Adapt Better to Atmosphere

Dogs can easily adapt themselves to any atmosphere. They just love to be cared by their owners. Their adaptability power is better than cats and humans also. They easily become comfortable in the environment. The sensory organs of dogs help them to understand the behavior of humans and to communicate non verbally with them. On the other side, a cat takes time to surround itself with the new environment and even feels uncomfortable talking with the new owners. 

3. Dogs Are Easy to Train

Dogs love to get trained and exercised, but even cat lovers confirm that it is not easy to train a cat. Even, food lover cats will soon walk away from training after a few moments. Whereas, dogs take the training session as a part of their schedule life and performs the task very efficiently. 
They love to get commands for sitting, handshaking, lying down, or rolling over in exchange for delicious food. They have urges to get pride in return for completing a command. 

4. Dogs are Human’s Best Friend

Throughout the history, dogs are the faithful companions and fellow helpers of humans. Your human best friend may tell lie to you, but a dog will never lie to their owners and they will never betray or cheat you and that’s the reason why no one can question a dog’s obedience. For that, dogs only want love and care from you and in return, they will remit you with unconditional deep love, protection, and care. 
Also, the dog owners don’t need to take tense about leaving their dogs alone at the home for a few hours. Dogs can easily manage themselves and can leave alone for a few hours. 

5. Dogs respond quickly to the Act

lWhenever the owner calls the dog through the name, the dog responds faster whether they are sleeping or doing anything. Even when a dog is trained for a specific gesture, then they will even respond to the act much more quickly. 
Whereas, a cat will never respond much quicker to the action. A cat will take time to think about the act and then will respond much later. 

6. Dogs act as a medium of safety and protection

It's not the cat’s nature to defend you in a dangerous situation. In a dangerous scenario, a cat will run or hide whereas a dog will do its 100% to protect the owner. Whenever a dog will see such a strange situation or the presence of a stranger, then the dog will start barking or growling to make you alert of the situation and some dog breeds can even threaten or bite the intruders. 

7. Dogs are a medium of laughing & Entertainment

Dogs love to play with their owners and do funny things. As per a scientific research, dog owners laugh and enjoy frequently and are more happy as compared to cat owners. The laughter is the best medicine for the health and you are getting it for free at your home. By laughing and staying happy, you are stimulating your heart, organs, and muscles and keeping your mind relaxed. On the other side, a cat will never do any such fun things from their side. The cat will spent all of the time in sleeping and for the rest of the time, she will eat food or else will be watching you. 

8. Dogs mean less demolition

A dog can create more destruction, but when a dog is trained about how to stay at home and what factors to take care of. Then a dog will definitely be a better choice to have as a pet instead of a cat. A dog will maintain the cleanliness of the home and will avoid all those things which will create more dirtiness. A cat will go where they want and will do all the dirty things like jumping on the sofa, tearing bed sheets, and will do scratching and marking as per their mood. 

9. Dogs are Cleaver and Smarter

Have you ever seen a cat in police or security forces? But you might have seen various dogs working in various departments such as bomb squads, security forces, etc. Dogs have the ability and skill sets to learn new things easily and with their sixth sense ability, they can smell dangerous items. They can easily detect drugs, explosives, guns, and other dangerous things and can even find or catch criminals

10. Dogs Poop Outside The Sweet Home

Do you want to see a box crap taking huge space in your house for your cat’s poop and later on, imagine yourself cleaning that poop? Well, this does not apply to the dog. A dog will never poop inside the home. They will poop outside during the morning walk. Whereas, a cat will poop anywhere in the home and you have to keep a special litter box for them. 

Final Conclusion

A dog is known for the loyalty, fun, and protection that a pet owner gets. Whereas a cat is known for its soft and relaxed behavior. Comparing dogs and cats is like comparing apples and oranges, and talking about this topic is a never-ending debate. Cats and dogs are both good in nature, it's up to you how you can deal with the pet.
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