8 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet in Summer

8 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet in Summer

  Jun 10, 2024   |   113   |    5 min read

Summer can be considered the best time of the year, especially the months of May, June, and July, with summer break being a total relaxing time that you can enjoy with your peers and pets. However, considering the current weather situation with rising temperatures (>45° C), thick humidity, plus the problem of pollution in large cities, things can go other ways. While it is difficult to thrive through this temperature, pets are somehow more vulnerable to canine diseases during this time. Common issues your dog might be facing include dehydration, heat stroke, cracked paws, and many others. Not only that, but situations can be more critical if you are a double-coated dog.

Therefore it is somewhat mandatory to take special care for your pet including some precautions that might save your furry friends from all these dangers. Here we have listed some common measures which we also take at Another Home based on which you can provide the best care in the months of summer. 

Common Problems with Dogs in Summer

Let us discuss common issues faced by the canines during summer. Only on the basis of that you will be able to know what to do in order to prevent these issues. Dogs generally face the issues of dehydration, tick-bite, and heat stroke. Common symptoms indicating these problems in them are:

  • Itching or a Red Spot (common sign of dog skin problems in summer)
  • Fever and Pain
  • Weakness 
  • Hanging out tongue 
  • Not eating food at all
  • Vomiting 
  • Summer itch in dogs

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How to Take Care of Dog in Summer?

Some best Measures for Pet Care in Summer:

Depending on the issues most commonly a pet faces, common measures can be taken. These are more like precautions based on which you can easily avoid the occurrence of these problems. 

1. Hydration for Dogs is a Basic Necessity for Dogs

Body temperature can easily rise during the summer, especially in the case of dogs that have coated fur, which contributes to the overall rise in their body heat. To counter that, keeping your pets hydrated all the time can be the best solution to help them maintain their normal body temperature. Along with that, hydration is really beneficial to maintain their overall body health through the following ways:

  • Better organ function and digestion. 
  • Helps in joint health and a better skin coat. 

2. Dogs Generally Hang out their tongues in summer. Why?

The only reason for that is the high body temperature of the canines especially during the months of the summer. Being like us, regulate their body temperature through sweating. However, this is not the case for canines. Therefore, the only way to regulate temperature is through panting. Hanging out the tongue is a total sign that the animals have a high body temperature. So make sure that your pet has adequate access to clean water for drinking at all times of day. 

Hydrations are really necessary in case you find the following signs:

  • Loss of appetite and skin elasticity. 
  • Panting continuously, along with reduced energy.
  • Dry nose and sticker gums (not a good sign). 

3. Avoid using chemical-containing agents

Keeping your dog clean is really necessary. However, that can be done with simple techniques like washing and bathing using only water. Various pet grooming products might contain chemicals that keep your dog clean and also kill harmful germs, but they might have some side effects. Also, the first course of action by any pet to remove any external agent on their skin is to lick them. This, therefore, might increase the occurrence of toxic chemicals getting inside their body. So, considering that “precaution is better than cure,” it is advisable to use only clean water for any kind of grooming activity. Otherwise, consider the ones with zero chemical constituents. 

4. Hair and Skin Grooming is Necessary

Removing dead skin and shredded hair is really necessary during summers, which might contribute to some falling body temperatures. Common exercises involve brushing, which might remove both dead skin and shredded fur. Trimming can sometimes be recommended in the case of double-coated dogs. Shampoo during bathing can be recommended for pets in case of double-coated canines. 

5. Nutrition is really important for the overall health of the dog

Proper food for dogs in summer with a recommended diet plan can be really necessary because, during this time, the pet might become vulnerable to various other diseases. Better feeding, along with proper feeding habits and routine, might contribute to the pet's immunity. 

6. What to Give Dogs to Eat in Summer

While you provide proper nutrition to the canine, it is recommended to add some hydrating food for dogs like watermelon, cucumber, coconut water, or yogurt. You should add these things to your diet, what matters more is how you feed them. While a fixed number of diets on a daily basis is important, the number of times you feed your pet should be increased. 

7. Surrounding Environment

High temperatures are unavoidable. Even the confined walls of the room cannot escape the heatwaves. While a fan can be sufficient for you, it might not be for the pet. Measures recommended can be keeping your pet on the ground floor and restricting the terrace visits. Cooler or an air conditioner can be helpful. 

8. Some relaxation during the training can be considered

While normal walking can be helpful, a total training regime for the whole is tiring and in this hot summer can be totally exhausting. Pet owners as well as the trainers should consider cutting the number of hours per day in training. 

Do dogs eat less in summer?

It is common for dogs to eat up to 15% less during the summer months. Common reasons supporting this fact have been given below:

  • External heat due to the rise in the temperature can sometimes affect the digestive system and also the appetite. 
  • Seasonal changes do have some effect on the overall activity of the canines. 

Dogs not eating food in summer can sometimes be a problem, the solution is feeding your pet frequently in small doses at regular intervals followed by some exercises. This will help them digest their food and also maintain their appetite. 

Another Home

Pet Care in Summer is really important considering the health of the canines does get impacted severely during the months of summer. While you do all that is within your limits to take care, sometimes it is not enough, especially in the case of a double-coated breed, which at this time requires proper care, a cold environment, and constant attention. Otherwise, consequences can be permanent damage which can also be fatal to the dog’s health. This is where Another Home can be a big help. At Another Home, we have a proper facility, feeding facilities and training settlement to give your dog the best care especially during these months of the year.

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