5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Dog for Boarding

5 Simple Ways to Prepare your Dog for Boarding

  Aug 04, 2021   |   1527   |    5 min read

A break is always a necessity to freshen up your mind and rejuvenate your soul. This assists us to unlock new experiences and escape the stress of busy life by exploring new phases of life. Dogs also need a break to ease their clumsiness and irritable behavior. As a pet parent, you also have the responsibility to take vacation time for your dog enjoyable and worthy. They also deserve a refreshing vacation as well.

Boarding is an act that can prove your love and care towards your dog. It's also a great way to give care to your furry friend in your absence. This thoughtful act will surely keep you and your dog stress-free to the greatest extent. This blog has five essential things you must prepare before leaving them for boarding to ensure a comfortable stay. 

Take a boarding trial
To take any such step, it's always better to analyze the behavior of your dog. If your dog feels nervous or prone to separation anxiety, then it's always a good idea to go on a trial boarding visit. A report says that a trial stay of 24 hours will ease your pet and make it comfortable with the surroundings and behavior. You will find more positive changes in your dog in terms of living in boarding for an extended period. 

Manage your dog's sleep habits
Habits play an essential role in our lives, and in case your dog sleeps with you in your bed, you cannot leave them alone and upset them. I feel sad while sleeping alone in the boarding facility. Try your best to alter and manage their sleeping habits properly to help them gain the new and positive change of the surroundings. If your pup cries while sleeping alone, you can also expect them to cry in the boarding room. To avoid this situation, start today and their sleeping habits

Keep your dog comfortable
Nothing can beat the comfort of home, but regardless of creature comfort provided by the pet boarding facility, your dog must be familiar with the new changes. But you can always bring a similar rug to sleep. The facility may allow you to get your dog bed, so it is always better to ask in advance to avoid hustle in the end.

Drop off your dog in the morning
It's best to drop your dog off early in the morning at the boarding facility. This will ensure that the dog can adjust to the environment before going to the kennel for the night. Life is a continuous process of adjustment, and being at another home understands that you have chosen the option of a boarding facility to ensure your pet's comfort. We promise to take care of your pet in the best possible manner under the guidance of trained and experienced dog instructors. 

Consult Your Dog's Veterinarian
Consulting the vet is a crucial task before leaving your furry friend to a boarding. Also, de-fleeing and worming your dog is an important and considerate way to help keep them healthy and active. It is highly advisable to take your pup to the vet two weeks before the boarding session so you can update your pet's vaccinations. Typically, both of these precautions are required before boarding.

You can help your dog have a pleasant stay while away from home if you follow these tips. Another Home is a prime and best-fit place for your pawless friend. Here the instructors make sure that dogs follow a rule of "Less barking and more tail wagging". We promise to give you a dog-tastic and most lovable pet boarding experience while you are away from your home. A perfect place for them to live, love, and laugh with their BFFs refers to Best Furry Friend Forever.
If you have any questions about how best to prepare your dog for a fun boarding experience, give Another Home pet boarding Gurgaon, a call today! We are always available to provide the finest assistance and tips.