5 Ways To Tell Whether Your Dog Enjoys At Daycare

5 Ways To Tell Whether Your Dog Enjoys At Daycare

  Jul 22, 2022   |   624   |    5 min read

Dog Daycare is extremely beneficial for dogs, and they are crucial for the overall development of dogs. While they instill a habit of routine and exercise in dogs, they also allow the dogs to socialize with other dogs. Have you ever searched for a “dog daycare near me”? Although benefits of dog daycare are many for your dog, it is not necessary that the daycare that you have put it in is definitely going to help him.

There are a number of things that determine whether a certain daycare is good for your dog or not. In this write-up, we shall discuss the ways through which you can tell whether or not your dog is enjoying at the daycare. We shall discuss the pros and cons of dog daycare services too.

Signs that tells you if your dog likes daycare

There are some clues or hints using which you can determine that your dog is going to the right daycare service and that it is not affecting him/her negatively. If you want to make sure whether or not your dog is happy at the daycare service, look for the following things:

1. Observe your dog’s reaction when you arrive at the daycare

Dogs are very expressive beings and do not hide their emotions. If they are not happy, they will be visibly down. They will behave differently than at home. If they enjoy their time at the daycare, they will be full of excitement and fun reaching daycare. Looking at their reaction can give you an idea of how the dog's day was. If it was full of fun, it ultimately would show that. Otherwise, it will have a negative reaction. It may whine, hang its head or tuck its tail showing that its day was not as expected.

2. Carefully watch how your dog interacts with others

Your dog's social skills will tell you a lot about whether he likes the daycare or not. If he plays with other dogs at daycare, initiating the play, exhibiting a positive role and communication, then it is likely that the daycare is working well for him. However, if your dog reacts in fear and aggression toward other dogs, daycare is likely not enjoyable for him.

3. Keep open communication with the staff at the daycare

Be sure to keep an open communication channel with the daycare staff so that you know what's going on with your dog at daycare every day. The staff members can provide you with enough idea about the behavior of your dog. If something is amiss with your dog, you must talk it out with the staff. It must also alarm you, and you should keep an eye on such behavior at home. If the dog shows similar behavior, then you can be sure that something is not right and that it is time to change your dog's daycare.

4. Note your dog’s body language when you go to pick it up

Your dog's reaction when you go to receive it at the daycare will probably tell you a lot about the day that the dog had. If his reaction to seeing you is tense and the dog is down, it probably had a bad day. Drooping tail, head bowed low, and an overall depressed demeanor are all negative signs that tell he had a bad day. On the other hand, if it looks relaxed, playful, and unwilling to leave, then that means that it had quite a day and had fun.

5. See for any major behavioral changes

If the dog gets negative vibes at the daycare, it will start showing that in its behavior. He may remain scared, act out or ignore your commands, then be assured that it's a negative change in his behavior. Some dogs even wet their beds if they are facing issues at daycare. On Contrast, if you see only positive behavior in your dog, then it's a really good sign showing that the daycare is working wonders for him.

Advantages of Doggy Daycare

The benefits of dog daycare are many. In fact, if chosen rightly, a daycare can prove to be the best companion in a dog's growth. It is only at a daycare that a dog learns to socialize and mix up. It can also be the place where your dog unwinds and spends his time while you are at work. Dogs can be occupied playing with other dogs while you stay relaxed and unworried. It can also help your dog to be more responsible, responsive, and expressive to your commands.

Disadvantages of Doggy Daycare

If there is a negative atmosphere at the daycare, then some dogs can develop problems. They might feel agitated and show aggression towards owners and other dogs. Also, the stress and anxiety of staying away from their owners can take a toll on their mental health. At times, he might miss you so much that he acts it out. The separation and anxiety can have negative impacts on your dog. Your dog, while playing at daycare, might also pick some bad habits such as jumping on people, rough behavior, and acting on their instincts instead of their owners' commands.


If you are anxious your dog's activities at daycare, it's a good idea to observe it once in a while, if that's possible. When you leave your dog at the daycare, try to evaluate its behavior and examine his positive and negative actions. 

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