6 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

6 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

  Jul 01, 2021   |   1110   |    5 min read

If your pet was providing you deaf ears and not following your commands, we have listed few reasons that direct to such behaviour. Suppose you don't have time to make your dog’s learn basics or your pooches have crossed all limits in showing unusual behaviour, then it's time to go Pet Boarding, which will provide extra assistance to your dogs and you.

Why Don't Your Pooches Listen to Your Commands?

Instead of imposing and providing instructions to your dog's repeatedly, take a few steps back and replicate on considering the following situations, which are few well-known issues faced when training dogs.

1. Health Problems
If your pups don't follow your instructions, they might be feeling sick or uncomfortable. Suppose your dog was obedient but now not following your voice; you must consult with a doctor about his health issues. Sloppy sits or reluctance in lying down are few indications of orthopaedic problems.

2. Less Treats
It isn't easy to debunk the fable because puppies have pleased us. Like opportunists, dogs were wondering what is available inside the treat box. The correct use of treats can create the difference between a dog excited to work for you and never deserved less caring.

3. Decreased Rewards
In the initial training, you must understand that there are a lot of distractions around you. Dogs may also discover sniffing the grass, looking for something, marking few places, and pulling on the leash more decorative than training. It is because some stimuli are sensing extra charm and interest in doing things like this. Divert their attention with something more interesting like rewards.

4. A lot of Pressure
It may be hard to teach them some new behaviour in a single evening. When your dogs stop working for you, you will be thinking, "Am I asking for the right favour or not?" Truth in many instances explains that puppies can't listen to your commands because these instructions are complicated for them to follow. Never try to resolve the problem quickly but let your puppies start practising your voice to understanding.

5. Incorrect Training
Suppose the dog trainer has a record of being inconsistent, and no longer your pups following dogs, there is a worry for your dogs to discover disobeying behaviours. An unprofessional trainer can cause such an issue, so you must choose the correct one for yourself.

6. Confusion in Understanding
Dogs focus on inconsistency, and you must use the exact instructions followed by other trainers while training other pups. If you use any education, but your dog’s stare at you, then you must consider that command used was consistently in use or not.

Various causes for dog's behaviour that you won't know is too hot, too windy, no mood to follow, and many possibilities may be there. A distracted dog may indeed require relieving himself somewhere else and not in front of dog parents. Pet daycare Delhi can be your dog's first training place.


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