6 Fun Exercises to do With Your Pooches

6 Fun Exercises to do With Your Pooches

  Mar 25, 2021   |   1115   |    5 min read

"A healthy body implies a longer life-span that is a result of an effective fitness regime."This phrase applies to the four-legged creatures as much as to their hooman counterparts. There are plenty of reasons to make your pooches exercise.

Let's begin with one: it utilizes the huge reserves of energy contained in your pets. Secondly, it prevents dog obesity. Thirdly, it brings out their playful and active side forward. Nextly, it gives you some extra fun time to spend with your doggo. There can be reasons galore, but we'd prefer to stick to the topic instead. You can drop the fidos to Another Home's fabulous pet boarding in Gurgaon to let them unwind and exercise as well. Need we say more? Let's delve deep into the five fun exercises you can do with your adorable pet canines. Read on:

1. Hiking for fun exercise

Take your pups for a fun adventure on hiking where your dog gets to climb the rocks or mountains that utilizes their vast reserves of energy. They can feel quite a kick from reaching new heights and exploring different parts of nature when going on a hike together.

2. Roller Skating for adventure

Do you know the most exciting exercise to do with your doggy? It's roller skating. It makes them match the increased pace of roller skating and allows fun time for both of you. If you're feeling bored and so is your canine, shell out that pair of roller skates, step out in the neighborhood, or even carry them along during a vacation. 

3. Running Time

One of the most majestic moments is capturing your doggo run like they own the whole place. Make them play fetch from a far corner to another where both the dog parents stand on each side. You can play frisbee with them and make them enjoy the expansive space around mother nature. It might sound weird, but a tired dog is a healthy and happy dog. They might stay awake the entire night and keep you wide awake like an owl too. Avoid the situation and take a restful sleep by making them have a good time running while utilizing tons of vigor contained within.

4. Yoga  Time

If you didn't know, we're here to tell you the apt term that describes yoga for dogs. In this yoga class, your canines are your yoga partner. Enjoy the fun dog yoga exercise at home or search for a class nearby; it will prove to be a relaxing and fun exercise. This activity also allows additional time to bond with your fidos.  Just in case you have a pup, try lifting your doggy during different poses. If your dog is large, you can practice stretching with them.  It is going to be a memorable experience that is instrumental in keeping you both fit. One of the best things about someone who feels lonely or too lazy to do yoga can start performing it for more benefits than one. 

5. Walking in the woods

There's nothing better than having an understanding companion for a long walk. Who better than your fur baby can fill the empty void in your heart other than the most loyal breed on earth called dogs. You are going to love the serene vibe, camaraderie and cute moments spent with your pet during walks in the neighborhood or out in the woods. You can take your camera along where you can capture unique moments, gestures, and reactions of your best canine friend. Walking in the fresh air will prove healthy for furry friends and improve their inherent oxygen levels. Also, exposing your fidos to the morning sun is overall beneficial for their well-being.

6. Beach Day Out

If you're a dog that loves swimming or might like to swim, then hitting the beach for an entire day or during a vacation will be a treat for both of you—exposing your pooches to the sun, sand, and water. If your dog hesitates in swimming initially, take them to shallow waters and teach them to float. They can start cycling in the water if they are not into swimming. You can throw a frisbee at them on the verge of sea waves and ask them to get it. However, be safe and vigilant throughout the episode. Spending a fun day at the beach will not only let your dog unwind but also feel relaxed around water due to its cooling effect. The peaceful vibe of the beach also makes them feel at ease.

We hope this blog enlightened you on the exercises your dog can do to stay fit and healthy. Also, it may have nudged you in the direction of creating a fitness regime for your furry friend for the reasons mentioned above. It also gives you some additional time to play and let your hair down with your four-legged pet. This is too little a loving gesture in return for oodles of selfless love and loyalty they shower on us. Agree? Please share your views with us. Also, you can share any exercise anecdotes with your fur baby with us.