6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm And Active During Winter

6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm And Active During Winter

  Jan 25, 2023   |   287   |    2 min read

The breed of your dog doesn't matter when there is cold outside. No fur is enough to keep them warm and safe from the winter waves. It can affect their health and generate issues like pneumonia, flu, catching frost bites, sniffles, or hypothermia.

No matter if your dog goes out for a short time or long walks, the cold weather may make their survival difficult. If you have a dog, below we have mentioned the six best ways you can follow to keep them healthy and warm this winter.

1. Don't Take Them For Long Walks

You should avoid taking your dogs on long walks; instead, play indoor games with them to keep them active and warm their bodies. Run them up and down the stairs to ensure that they are receiving their daily dose of exercise.

In case you are taking them outside, try to take shorter walks if the weather is cold.

2. Make Them Wear Sweaters

Not all dogs need a sweater in winter, but it can be helpful for a few breeds, like,

  • Short haired breed
  • An immature dog
  • Older dogs
  • Dogs with a weak immune function
  • Dogs who are suffering from some illness
  • Dogs who are going through some treatment

All of these kinds of breeds require some help to keep them warm.

3. Give Them A Warm Spot To Sleep

Many pet owners have this mindset that their dogs are fine without any extra blanket or bedsheet during winter, as they are furry. But according to vets, you must take care of your dogs' health and provide them with warm clothes and a thick blanket. For the pet's perfect cozy spot, you can even provide extra layers of blanket underneath.

Note: In case the temperature is too cold, you can also raise your dog's bed.

4. Provide The Dog's Boots

To take care of the dog's cute paws from sharp ice and harmful de-icing chemicals, you can provide them boots. These shoes will warm your pet's feet and insulate them. Moreover, you can wipe the paws of your pet frequently. If the paws look dry, moisturize them with dog moisturizers or coconut oil.

5. Purchase A Dog Heating Pad

To keep your dog warm and safe inside the house during winter, purchase a dog heating pad for them. These pads are comfortable for the dogs to lie on. These are great for older dogs and help them maintain their body temperature.

The heating pads also help the dogs in muscle recovery, blood circulation, etc.

6. Dry And Clean The Fur Of Your Pet

Whenever you come back from the walk, wipe the fur of your dog thoroughly. This is done to ensure that their coats are dry to act as an insulator. Even after bathing your dog, make sure to dry their body properly, including the ear and paws area.

At the End!

Sometimes due to staying at home, your pet starts feeling alone and gets anxious, so in such a situation, you can take them to a dog daycare near you and let them have fun in a completely new environment. If you are from Delhi or Gurgaon, Another Home is the best option for you. We understand your dogs' needs and offer them all the best practices to keep them warm.


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