Benefits of Pet Boarding During Festivals & Vacations

Benefits of Pet Boarding During Festivals & Vacations

  Mar 15, 2021   |   1568   |    5 min read

We heard festivities are around, and your schedule is too hectic to take care of your adorable pet dog. It leaves you worried because you will be too busy to hover around your fidos since they require your complete attention and affection and also because they might wreak havoc into the delicately beautiful decorations, gifts, and festivities.

Therefore. We are enlisting reasons why you can leave your dog at a pet boarding in Gurgaon and stop being anxious over trivial concerns that Another Home's well-trained professionals can take good care of while you're chilling and thrilling during celebrations. Here we go:

1. No-Fuss During Celebrations

You can easily plan the festivities and put beautiful yet fragile decorations without caring about your doggo wreaking havoc on it. This is one of the perks of leaving your pooches in pet boarding. You can enjoy the perfect family holiday celebration. There is no distraction to bother you during the festivities because catering to guest's needs can be time-consuming.

2. No worries about traveling with your dog

Traveling with your doggo can be tiring because you need to be careful at every step, no matter if you're traveling by bike or car. It would help if you clean your automobile now and then. You have to be prepared lest your dog might fall sick en route. As a dog parent, you might need to take frequent potty breaks for your canines. In fact, taking a flight can prove to be expensive as well. It could increase your fare by $125 or more for an in-cabin pet that may lead to you to pay for your roller bag since your pet is counted as your carry-on.

When you're staying over a hotel, you might need to waste more time looking for a facility that allows pets and cost you an additional tariff to bring your doggies along. You can take respite from unexpected sickness, extra fees, and frequent potty breaks by enrolling your fidos for the best dog daycare center.

3. No hassles about trespassing into gifts

We know the amount of love and labor you put into preparing gifts for your loved ones. Because your pets tend to love all things glittery, they have a tendency to tear things apart and shred paper. Especially a wrapped present is fancy for your pets because the curiosity of the present under wraps simply excites them no end, and this is why it's not a good idea to keep your pets meandering around.

4. De-stressing Holiday with your loved ones

Let's admit taking a vacation means relaxing and no stress. You are going to let your hair down and unshoulder the burden off your chest. You might need to take extra care when booking a hotel because not every facility allows accomodating. It may cost you extra, and there will be a lot of cleaning up to do every now and then. You will need to stay vigilant of your dog's presence or even absence, for that matter. If you're going to the beach, you can play games with them, but you might feel like sun-bathing or playing beach games along with your human counterparts. You will need to be extra careful lest your doggos stay on the verge of the sea till and don't go too far or deep lest it may cause you trouble later on. A holiday might not be a real holiday, after all.

5. Neat & Tidy Home

When you're not away from home sweet home, having your adorable pet lurking around can be a cause of concern because chances are when you come back, there may be a mess of valuables at your precious house. Also, you will need not worry if they create chaos behind your back when you're not present to take care of your home and pet. Leaving your fidos at doggy daycare can drop your worries in a jiffy.

6. Necessities & comforts are taken care of

When you're leaving your loving furry friend at a pet boarding, you can rest assured be relaxed that their needs and comforts will be taken care of. For example, the warm blankets, vast space to play around, and secure premises with constant CCTV camera surveillance to ensure everyone's safety. There is more than meets the eye.

7. Medical and food needs are met

Another Home's pet boarding facility is equipped with well-qualified experts who make your doggo feel at home. If they are not accustomed to a dog daycare facility and seem shy or nervous, they don't need to be. Because our well-qualified professionals take good care of your dog's food and medical needs. We have experienced vets available to ensure their well-being. So, you can relax and enjoy the festivities with ease.

8. Learning new skills

One of the reasons people leave their closest-to-heart canines at a pet boarding facility is because they learn to step out of the comfort zone and learn various new skills. They are taught to follow the latest commands, cognitive to motor skills, and mentally-stimulating games that are entertaining.

9. Making new friends

If your doggy is more than usual accustomed to your presence and barks at strangers, chances are you need to leave them at pet boarding to help them learn to break the ice with strangers, learn to be more accomodating, and expand their network. They learn to make new friends and also identify the difference between good or bad strangers. It helps them step out of their own bubble and safe zone, making them into the shy or introverted four-legged creatures.

No, we're not making your loving pet look like a menace here. Instead, we are helping you count the benefits of dropping your doggo at a pet boarding for their well-being and your respite. We are all ears to hear your most valued opinions on this topic, or you are welcome to share your anecdotes with us.