Best Pet Boarding for Professional Grooming & Training

Best Pet Boarding for Professional Grooming & Training

  Dec 14, 2021   |   855   |    5 min read

A dog’s physical health, as well as its appearance, is essential for good physical and mental happiness. When it comes to grooming, it is not just to maintain your dog’s level of cleanliness but also to keep its health in check. Regularly grooming your animal allows you to catch any underlying diseases or conditions at an early stage. You are able to treat the condition more efficiently which will therefore have a less lasting effect on your pet.

It is often observed that grooming your pet isn’t an easy task. The restlessness of the pet and the strange clinical environment allows the dog to be scared and relentless. If you want your pet to act like a good boy/girl, training your dog to endure grooming is a must. If you wait way too long to begin with the grooming sessions, your puppy may not be agreeable to it at a later stage. Especially when it comes to nail clipping and ear cleaning, your puppy can be pretty resistible.

Be it short-haired dogs or long-haired dogs, grooming is essential for every pet. However, not, all dogs are fond of the grooming process. It is easier to send your pet to a professional groomer. Another Home is one of the leading pet boarding facilities that provide professional grooming and training to your beloved pet. Training your little puppy is an important part of the grooming process. Good breeders and pet owners will often begin grooming their litters as soon as they are old enough to get used to the process.

Benefits of our Pet Grooming Sessions:
Right Grooming Tools For Your Pet

Grooming dogs is not an easy task. It requires having the right tools, product, and proper techniques. A professional groomer will teach your dog the stability required to handle, restrain and care for them. He will teach you a proper way of brushing teeth, clipping nails, and using scissors or clippers.

Many dogs detest being groomed and may cause trouble when the process begins. Chasing a loose dog within the premises can be dangerous and lead to an increased risk of injury and damage to the pet and the property.

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Shows You How To Deal With Dog Stress
Grooming sessions can be stressful for dogs. Such stress signs can be witnessed in dogs when they reach the grooming salons or when they get home. The most common and visible signs of stress include isolation, diarrhea, digestive problems, lethargy and aggression.

By creating a less stressful environment for your dogs, you can give comfort to your dog. Having the right skill helps in planning and preparing the grooming process. It makes sure that the visit ends in a positive way for both the dog and its owner.

Safety and Health Lessons
Grooming dogs require dedicated procedures. It is vital to hold safety and health standards. You will get proper safety lessons and other right equipment to prevent the spread of diseases. We make sure to use the best products that don’t harm your furry best friends in any way. With our high-quality shampoos and flea-killing products, we make sure they are hygienic and presentable.

By opting for Another Home, you can be tension-free about your dog’s health and hygiene.

Why Is Another Home Best Fit For Your Dog?
Being one of the leading pet boarding centers in Gurgaon, Another Home ensures to provide your pet with the highest quality care and pampering. We promise a safe, comfortable, and fun-filled experience for each one of our furry friends while their parents are away. When you are away, there is a constant worry about your dog, but we make sure that your pet is taken care of while you are gone.

Your Dog Gets To Socialise

While you are away from home, your dog is home alone which makes him sad and lonely. Whereas in a pet boarding facility, your dog gets a chance to socialize with other dogs and make friends. They get plat time and are well fed. This is considered a great option for dogs with high energy levels. Interacting with other dogs can make them more friendly and can positively channelize their energy.

Safe Haven For Your Dog

Another Home provides a safe haven for your dogs. We have cameras installed all over, to make sure that your dog does not wander off anywhere. It is important to maintain constant surveillance under your dog so that they don’t get lost.

Day Care Facility 

Another Home provides a daycare facility for your dog. When you go to work and leave your dog behind, it is crucial that your pet is taken care of. Our daycare facility ensures a safe and friendly environment for your dog.

Final Words!

If you want your furry friend to have an amazing time and get fully groomed at the same time, Another Home is the perfect place to visit. Our safe and friendly day-care environment makes your dog comfortable and safe.