Celebrate Valentine’s with your Furry Friend

Celebrate Valentine’s with your Furry Friend

  Feb 04, 2021   |   1252   |    5 min read

How about celebrating a mushy Valentine’s Day in the arms of your lovely canines that shower oodles of love the moment you usher in.  Today we shall break all biases and stereotypes and call dogs a woman’s best friend. A loyal amigo in the world of disloyal people. With wagging the tail, putting their paw on you, licking your face and cuddling you back; these loving gestures can melt a stone-cold heart like wax. You can take the fur baby into a doggy daycare to let them enjoy play-dates with fellow pups.

Nobody can adore you the way pups can. Their love is pure, faithful and timeless. Therefore, it is your time to pay back all that love, care and attention to them. Make your four-legged creature feel special and honoured. Here are ways to commemorate Valentine’s Day with your fur baby:

  • Spaw day

Let’s pamper your canines because they run around all day, pacing and sighing. They might be getting lethargic after a tiring week. Take your sweet pups to the spa to get them a generously affectionate bath, brush out, nail trimming and brush out. A fun spa day will leave them feeling rejuvenated and refreshed like a million-dollar Tibetan mastiff.

Sometimes their hair needs to be trimmed from the body, including their ears. They absolutely love these grooming sessions that entail tidying up the dog’s ears, shampooing them, lathering, and rinsing off. The groomer is very gentle with your dogs and uses their rich experience so well that even a nervous doggie will feel at ease. They also massage the pups, making them feel relaxed. If you have a dog jam playlist, go ahead and bring it on. Let your fido have an awesome experience.

  • Plan a play-date with their BFFS

Turn them into social butterfly and head toward their favourite hotspots. Treat your dog to a friend’s day out. Yes, invite their amigos over. Fill up an outdoor pool party as they enjoy the whole day rolling over and wandering around. You can also play fetch with their BFFS together and let them treasure the moment. You can leave your doggy for fun learning and socializing with their canine friends at a pet boarding in Gurgaon.

  • Retail-Therapy

Take time out for shopping together with your pup. Buy their favourite toys, treats, food, balls, squeakers, chewable and lots more. Who doesn’t like shopping? It will make them feel chirpy and cheerful. It is also a wonderful feel-good therapy for your doggy. Start rotating their chew toys, not to let them get bored. Let them wander around the departmental store’s aisles and select their toys themselves from the shelf, carefully though.  It will be a lot of fun. You will feel glad you took them shopping.     

  • Bake Treats

Make lovely, creative and unique dog treats for your pet. Let them cherish a sinful pleasure and feel spoilt with your yummy delicacies. You can try baking peanut-butter dog treats in dog-shapes or try different shapes to amaze your lovely canines. Alternatively, you can also try your hand at concocting dog bones with a few flavours of pumpkin or bacon here and there.  Besides, the benefits of cooking at home involve giving them dog-friendly hygienic food with safe ingredients. Do consider their preference for food, snacks and also if they are allergic to something.  

  • Teach a new skill

Buy them some learning puzzles that dogs have to turn over and find some chewy food inside. It is a fun game. Plus, there are game-buzzers you can try to teach them new skills of interaction with you. This not only keeps them engaged but also schools them in a fun way. You can pile up two-three cellophane tapes enough to cover half the area and teach them to jump over it. You can also use some blocks in this place. You can take a spoonful of peanut butter in a spatula and hide it somewhere in your home while your dog is away and let them find it. It is a great exercise to test their tasting abilities and hone these skills.

  • Time for an adventure

Rush them to a fun roller-skating stroll to the woods around your neighbourhood. While you are sliding on a roller-skate and they will walk briskly with you. This is going to be fun. You can also take them to a dog-friendly hiking trail or even a longer than usual walk to let them enjoy the scenery and fragrance of fresh mud and flowers.  It will be a fun social activity for them that will leave them healthy and happy. The best part is to record these moments and share them on your social media if you like. 

After all, your doggy has invested all their love, loyalty and labour into your life. They have brought sheer bliss to your monotonous life.  Show them an extra amount of tender, love and care. They are one of those grateful creatures who return the love and appreciative gestures unlike hoomans, err..humans. Dogs are also healing differently-abled people with their snuggles, support and warmth.