Dog Boarding Tips to Enjoy a Hassle-Free Travel

Dog Boarding Tips to Enjoy a Hassle-Free Travel

  May 03, 2021   |   1314   |    5 min read

Are you a pet owner, and you are restricted to go out of your home because of your pet, and you are finding a dog boarding for your lovely friend? So Another home is here to help you out. It is well said that dogs speak, but only to those who know how to listen can hear them out, and our professional workers are blessed with this quality.

Travelling has become a widespread activity. Travel has become an integral part of our lives. Many people travel to enjoy themselves, and others travel to work. But packing your bags is always a stressful job. Worrying about the accommodation for your dog can make things even more stressful. Therefore you should plan the items to avoid any confusion and wastage of money.

We all purchase flight tickets a long time before unless it is an emergency as it can save us a lot of cash, which you can use for boarding your dog. Staying away from your dog is stressful, especially when you have to board them to some other place. Therefore you require to make a wise decision before choosing a boarding hotel for your little furry friend. 

A short guide to help you plan a stress-free and enjoyable journey is given below. You can follow these must-do things for your friend to make him feel at home without you and make your travel a delightful experience.

Come Forward To Give Your Dog Early Vaccination

Any boarding hotel will require you to get your dog vaccinated before getting him boarded to the hotel. If some hotel allows you without following the procedure, then you must not go there as your pet is in danger if you get him boarded at such a hotel. Standardvaccination required by dog boarding facilities are:

  • Rabies
  • Kennel cough
  • Distemper parvo

It would help if you got your dog vaccinated at least before 2 to 4 weeks to avoid any discomfort experienced by your friend.

If you forget to do this, then the dog kennel service provider can get your dog vaccinated on behalf of you, but this may cause a high possibility that your dog gets ill during boarding. Set reminders to get this job done before you move out of the city, not need to leave your furry friend at a place that he does not deserve and suffer because of your mistakes.

Even if you leave your dog behind with some of your neighbours or relatives, there is a high chance of the dog not getting the excellent care he deserves. Thus, getting your dog vaccinated in time provides two benefits. First, they stay healthy irrespective of the place they live and secondly, they get a good place to check and enjoy the vacation. 

Verify Your Dog's Boarding Reservation Early

It will help if you plan where you want your dog to get boarding services as soon as you confirm your travel plan. Registering with an appropriate boarding hotel can give you an edge to control your panicking situations. You can register online to get the required service and set the date of boarding as per your convenience, which can be a day before the travel or the day when you set off on your journey. 

Getting a confirmation mail in time is also essential. It becomes a crucial part of planning when you are travelling at peak holiday time such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other festival when there is a shortage of boarding places. 

If you want your dog to get and I'm using experience when you are away, you must consider coming to our dog kennel at another home where the workers treat your dog as their own and give the best possible care.

Substantiate your Dog's Accommodation a week before

It's always better to double-check and reassure all bookings a week before because any problem at the last moment can spoil the whole mood. So it's virtuous to check that everything is up to the mark. One must also make sure the flight timings and check for boarding facility with your dog. As bad weather or any circumstance can delay the flight.

It is essential to make sure your dog's feedings and food schedule are discussed, and all other types of facilities are discussed beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. It's imperative to discuss the medication schedule while travelling, and exchanging numbers is essential for emergency reach.

This check-in will surely provide facilities to improve the schedule according to your and your dog's comforts. We at Another Home proffer the opportunity to have a fantastic vacation with your furry friend.
In our boarding, we take care of them as our pets. Every dog loves to come here again and again. To book your appointment, contact our customer care service number and book your appointment. Go where you want to go without any tension of your pet and enjoy exploring.