Home-Stay Your Dog During Vacation

Home-Stay Your Dog During Vacation

  Jan 19, 2021   |   1270   |    5 min read

Vacationing can be an amazing experience. However, it can be a difficult decision to figure out what to do with your pet. You are thinking about spending some memorable moments on the holiday while being away from your dog worries you big time. You will be mulling over various factors about how your dog is taken care of at home while on vacation.

Your dog can have behaviour issues, and separation anxiety. Therefore, plan carefully to keep your pet relaxed at home. There are many facilities available that meet your requirements and pet dog care across the world.

Here are a few things and options you need to consider while leaving your dog at home when you will be away for some days.

Will Your Puppy feel Abandoned During your Vacation?

Moving out of town or city might be nerve-wracking to you because you might worry that your pet dog may think of getting abandoned him. Your pet dog might have separation anxiety which can be a cause of great concern.

Dogs are social animals, and if their person leaves them, it will directly impact them initially. They are adaptable creatures who will adjust according to circumstances as and when you leave. Another important thing is that dogs pick on a few emotional cues.

If you are anxious, they will sense that energy and look concerned and nervous. They feel it too. Depending on the arrangement you make for your canine, it should be a mutually understanding experience for both of you. Try to spend extra time with them to make them feel extra loved before your departure.

If you plan to bring someone unfamiliar with your pet dog at home, you must arrange an introduction session for them to not feel like a stranger. You can leave one or two items like a shirt or blanket with your scent so that they will always handle your presence even when you're gone.

There are plenty of suggestions that can be applied to your work before leaving so that you feel both comfortable and friendly while you are away.

Feeling Anxious While Leaving Your Dog

As mentioned above, your dog can feel or sense what you think, so keep your emotion and anxious feelings away while leaving your dog. Never express your feelings while around them because it will make the situation worse for both of you.

If you feel upset or anxious, take a deep breath and never show or project feelings at your dog. Take your dog outside and play fetch or other activities to refresh your mind. Simply snuggle your fur baby on the couch together. It will make you feel better while increasing your bonding time before you leave, which is quite important.

Where Can I Leave My Dog During Holiday?

It is the initial feeling of how you and your dog may feel before your separation has been addressed. Various options are available for your dog to keep at home while going on holiday. These are your dog's demeanour, their health-related medicines, and finally the budget you have for them.

  • Keep Your Dog At Home With All Useful Things

Leaving your dog at home makes you feel worried about the adjustment made by them for an unfamiliar situation on vacation. Keeping your dog at home-stay with their own space and useful things can be a huge comfort to them in your absence. Make all the things happen in several ways by discussing further.

  • Leaving Dogs Alone Without Care Could Be Worrying

Leaving your dog alone at home for an extended period without care is never a good decision. Even if you provide them with food, water, toys; the absence of a caretaker can be a menace for you and your dog. Someone must be placed to monitor or supervise your pet dog, and it can be an unsafe and dangerous decision to make to put them alone without any caretaker.

Keep someone to supervise your pet dogs or move them somewhere else, which is a suitable place for them while you are on vacation. Another Home is also one of the wonderful Pet boarding Gurgaon for your lovely dogs, and it is the best arena to keep them while on vacation at an affordable cost.

  • Family Dog Watcher Must Be Instructed

You would be fortunate if someone is available to look after your dog at your home, and it's a great option. There is no need to introduce someone to whom your pet is not familiar or mixed up with feelings and emotions. You must keep ensuring yourself while putting your dog under the guidance of someone other than your family member that the dog is looked after or not.

Never allow even your family member to let your dog jump on him while eating food because it will cause anguish and strife to the dog's relationship with the owner. So, instruct them by preparing a list of what to do and what not because sometimes you might forget to suggest to them about your pet dog's natural behaviour in haste.

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