How To Find An Apt Dog Walker For Your Dog?

How To Find An Apt Dog Walker For Your Dog?

  Aug 22, 2023   |   323   |    7 min read

Indeed, it is true that pets or dogs need special care and assistance. And the most significant aspect of this domain is a daily walk. It is a great exercise for you and your dog as well. During that period, you can enhance your bonding with your pet. But, suppose that you had a tired day or a busy work schedule, out of which it is too difficult to take some time out to take your pet for a walk. Then here comes the role of a dog walker. They let you feel stress-free as they care for your pets like their own. All you need to think of to find the perfect dog walker for your dog.

If you don’t know how to find a perfect dog walker and how to do it, then go to the end of this write-up. Here all the required things are stated the same. Another Home provided you with the tactics by which finding a reliable dog walker becomes easy.

Where Can Someone Get A Dog Walker?

When looking for any type of service, you need to first pay for the services you are seeking. If you don’t have time to walk with your companion and are too busy, hire a dog walker to fulfil the need. So the prime question that came up here is, “How can you find a dog walker for your dog?”

You can search for dog walkers in your area in multiple ways. Read each of them and have your dog a dog walker who takes care of your dog's habit of roaming outside for some moments in a day.

  • Take the usage of a dog-walking application: Are you tired of trying to search for dog walkers in your area? Then proceed further by tilting towards downloading a dog walker app. Technology has become so progressive that these apps are easily available, and you can have a professional dog walker in just some minutes. The benefit is that you can track your dog's place along with the walker through GPS. Whoever knows, if you have good luck, then you can find an experienced dog walker, but the application must be of that level for this possibility.
  • Question some kids in the neighbourhood: Another alternative is to ask some dog-friendly kids in the neighbourhood. Teenagers and all adults nowadays always have the zeal to earn extra money for themselves. You can attain a good deal from these kids. Interrogate with the neighbours about any kid interested in such a task. Besides this, if your dog is hard to control, has bad behaviour, and possesses high maintenance, then go ahead with a professional dog walking service. It is also worth the money as it is slightly tough to handle your buddy.
  • Attain referrals: You should start finding a dog walker by asking the people you trust. If your friends or family live nearby, then there is no loss in asking them for a dog walker. They might know where to find a dog walker, or maybe they have a dog walker so that they can share it with you. Post a query in front of your vet and animal shelter. Also, hang the requirement on your dog's neck and write it on message boards available at the park. Pitch to another dog owner as they love to talk about their pets when you are walking with your pets. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the situation and ask regarding a dog walker if they have an acquaintance of someone.
  • Complete the hiring of a true and hard-working professional: All the neighbour kids are generally like the temporary ones. They didn’t think twice before leaving this opportunity when something better came up, whereas all the professional dog walkers will do this job with modesty as they are in that domain. So until your dog remains with that professional, there is no need to take any stress. Three traits that are loaded up in all professional dog walkers are experience, motivation to learn how to take care of dogs, and the capability to arrange for backups.

What Should A Dog Need From A Dog Walker?

No matter whichever dog walker you choose, engrave in mind that your dog will be the one who suffers most because of your choice if it turns out to be wrong.

For example, multiple varieties of dogs exist according to several sizes, breeds, and ages; on that basis, the need to walk is dependent. If you have a small puppy, you want a dog walker that takes your puppy several times a day for a walk. In contrast, when you have a big dog, you want a dog walker who will take your dog for a long walk without any restrictions. It is not the case that your dog only needs a walkout to do the litter, but they need the right amount of fun and activities to stay healthy and happy.

Apart from this, multiple other factors exist here about which a dog walker needs to take care of. Do they feel comfortable when they are on a leash? Or do they have a wish to walk without a leash? Is one-on-one walk they prefer? Or do they want to walk in groups with other dogs as well? What types of walks do they like to have? If you are clear about answers to these questions, you are ready to find the apt dog walker for your best buddy.

How To Choose One Of The Best Out Of So Many Dog Walkers?

Certainly, various dog walkers are available, but finding the most reliable dog walker out of all is so tough. You should ask them a lot of questions to test which one is the good and honest one. It is better to spend more time choosing a dog walker than you spent finding it. Choose a dog walker only after applying these pointers to make it great for your buddy.

  • Witness how they interact with your dog: After finding a dog walker, try that your dog becomes friendly with him/her. Once you had an initial interview with a dog walker and set up your kind that you want him/her as your dog walker, arrange some time to meet your dog with him/her. Let them for some time so they can become acquainted with each other. Pay attention if the new person likes your dog and simultaneously that your dog likes that person. If not, don’t hire that person and continue your exploration to find another professional dog walker for your dog.
  • Put forward every question you have in mind in an interview: Thoroughly dig out the person in whose hands you are thinking of giving the leash of your dog. Remember, the most important thing is that you should sign an agreement with the dog walker about the cancellation, payment, and walking length.

Here are some of the questions listed here that every pet owner should ask before they confirm hiring a professional dog walker for their dog.

  • Do you walk dogs in a group or solo? If in the group, how can you put identical or friendly dogs in one group? Do you receive any type of training in this?
  • How will you handle the situation when there arises a conflict between the dogs? Do the dogs fight when you walk them in a group? How do you prevent a fight between them?
  • To which background do they belong? If they are walking dogs, how long are they doing this task?
  • How much time do they offer for a walk for each dog? But what happens when the climate is not good, or they become late as per their schedule?
  • Do they carry any type of specialization or certification for their services? How will they justify that they are providing the services of dog walking?
  • Raise a question about how they will form a group. Based on that, they put dogs in a single domain. Do they put dogs according to age, size, and activity level?
  • Try to receive various references: It is easy for anyone to call themselves a dog walker. But before hiring a dog walker, ask that person to provide at least three references. Then, seriously follow those three references by calling or sending them emails. Do the confirmation that the references are true or not, and if you find them false, then drop the hiring process with that person.

What Is The Average Pay Of A Dog Walker?

The pay to the dog walker depends on multiple reasons. It is mainly based on your city's average pay, the dog walker's experience, and some of the special requests. This request comprises feeding, giving medication to your dog, etc. Generally, two possibilities exist when the price of the dog walker is higher. One is when there is too much demand in your area for a dog walker and when you are looking forward to hiring a professional dog walker.

Ask your friends or neighbour and someone else you know how much they are paying for their dog walker. It is necessary to perform some research as it allows you to be on the safe side and prevent you from paying too much money to the dog walker.

In Essence..!

Now, when you find for your “furry buddy” a dog walker, you do not need to care for something else. Enjoy now and be happy, as your buddy has someone he/she can rely on. Remember to perform all the necessary steps to find a suitable dog walker for your kid or pet, as you don’t want someone incompetent to handle your adorable buddy.


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