How to Get Rid of Your Pet's Boredom And Anxiety

How to Get Rid of Your Pet's Boredom And Anxiety

  Mar 08, 2022   |   689   |    5 min read

Recently if you have observed a change in your pet’s behavior, then that’s because of boredom and anxiety. If your pet is unusually restless, tearing through the furniture, fighting with fur friends, and begging for more treats lately, then there is something wrong with your pet. Dogs and cats being highly social creatures, try their best to get all the attention and entertainment they can. When they have left home alone, they tend to develop anxiety and boredom
When our pets experience boredom, they are unable to articulate their own needs. They tend to beg for more treats and start chasing their tail far more than usual. Such signs indicate that your pet is in clutches of boredom and anxiety. Several studies have shown that, similar to humans, animals also get bored. The prevailing signs of anxiety and stress can be visible among pets if avoided for long periods of time. Some animals also engage in self-stimulating behaviors in order to soothe themselves. Such self-stimulating actions include repetitive and abnormal behaviors when they lack mental and social engagement. 
Another Home is the leading pet boarding facility in Delhi, NCR. When you leave your pets at home, all by themselves, they tend to develop anxiety which is why we are here to eliminate loneliness out of your pet’s life in your absence. Leave your pet in our world-class pet boarding center to socialize and play with fellow furry friends.   
By recognizing the warning signs in your fur baby, it can prevent any possible long-term effects of boredom on your pets. Have a look at the ways you can get rid of your pet’s boredom and anxiety.  

Separation Anxiety Relief: 

Dogs being more social than others, have a tendency to develop separation anxiety if left alone at home. Especially those dogs who are habitually surrounded by humans have a difficult time adjusting to isolation.

There are various toys that can help to release separation anxiety in dogs, such as:  

• Tug of Wall

Tug of the wall is a type of toy designed for dogs who get bored easily. If you are away from your dog owing to your very busy schedule but also want to make sure that your pet should feel occupied and active while you are away from them. In such cases, this is the perfect play toy for your dogs that helps in overcoming separation anxiety.

Benefits of Tug of Wall:

o Keeps your pet occupied and active.
o It helps in dealing with dog anxiety, which constantly tugs things.
o There won’t be any more chewed shoes, carpets, or pillows. 
• Treat Tumbler 

If you tend to have long working hours, then feeding your dog can be an issue. Treat tumbler is a toy that will tease your dog in order to make him active and then reward them with treats. When your dog rolls the toy skillfully, then it dispenses treat as a reward. This, in turn, ensures that your dog is active. 

Benefits of Tumbler:

o Dispenses are treated as rewards
o Teases dog to stay active and occupied
o Helps fight obesity
o The solution to slow feeding
o Anxiety relief for dogs

• Interactive Toys 

When your pets are given something to play with, it helps in distracting them and keeps the boredom away. You must keep your pet active, occupied, and stimulated in order to avoid behavioral issues and anxiety. Each kind of pet requires a different kind of stimulus, and as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to find the right toy as per your pet’s requirements. You can even use toys in rotation so that your pet does not get bored with just one particular toy.   
• Dental Toy

Dental toys are best for those dogs who can’t help but chew everything up due to their high level of energy. Such toys act as a tooth cleaner as well as satisfy your dog’s needs to bite on things. This way, you don’t have to deal with any bitten shoes or torn garments.  

Benefits of Dental Toy
o Stimulates pet’s anxiety issues 
o Satisfies chewing needs
o Beneficial for teething dogs

• Trembling Monster 

Since we all are occupied with house chores and other important tasks of the day, we are unable to play with our dogs all the time. This is when boredom kicks in due to lack of stimulus, inactivity, and no exercise. It is crucial to keep your dog busy and preoccupied. This type of toy is useful for dogs having hunting tendencies. It acts like prey and keeps them away from harmful activities. 

Benefits of Trembling Monster

o It keeps the dog distracted for hours.
o Satisfies their hunting tendencies.
o Helps calm anxiety from boredom and inactivity.
• Wicked Ball 

The wicked ball is an interactive dog toy designed with moving features. This toy helps with stimulating the pet’s nature of hunting and helpfully mobilize their enthusiasm and curiosity. Being an amazing moving toy, it is going to give your pet the interaction and exercise they crave. 

Benefits of Wicked Ball

o Fully automatic
o Attracts pets and gets a response out of them
o Keeps pets active
o Helps fight anxiety

Final Words!

We at Another Home aim to make the lives of pet parents easy and convenient. We make sure to pamper your furry friends and shower them with the love they deserve. We stay true to our promise to make your pets loved and pamper them with great toys to make your dog’s lives better.