List Of Toxic Foods For Dogs

List Of Toxic Foods For Dogs

  Nov 01, 2022   |   437   |    5 min read

Have you lately taken your furry friend to a vet facility because you found something weird happened to its stomach? You might not know the cause, or you might be aware of it. You might be an experienced dog owner who knows that your dog often has this funny stomach that troubles sometimes. Chances are you might be someone who doesn’t have any experience with dogs.

If that’s the case, you must educate yourself about the toxic foods that may make your beloved dog sick. You need to understand that a dog’s anatomy is not the same as that of us human beings. Just because some foods are nutritious to us, doesn’t mean those foods will be healthier for your dog as well.

Here is the list of food, that might do good to us humans, but could do something awfully wrong to your four-legged furry being;

  • Avocado

Avocado is a nutritious fruit and is extremely healthy when added to a human diet but equally detrimental to your pet. The fruit is not just poisonous to dogs but also to rabbits, birds, horses, donkeys and other domestic animals like goats and sheep.

The biggest concern over consuming fruit by a dog is cardiovascular harm. In some cases, the animal seen died consuming avocado. Many animals were witnessed with their head and neck swelled after the fruit was consumed.

  • Alcohol

Just imagine if something is harmful to human health, how could it not be for an animal? Alcohol is extremely detrimental to your pet. If your dog consumed alcohol in huge amounts it could lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, central nervous system dysfunction, motor abnormality, abnormal acidity, depression, increased blood acidity, breathing problem, and coma and can lead to death.

Some pet lovers give their beloved dogs alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and other mild alcoholic substances. Little do they know about what such a substance could do if consumed, they didn’t know it could be extremely hazardous for your darling dog.

  • Coconut 

Coconut is known to be a very healthy diet for us human beings. However, for a canine creature such as a dog, it does not work as a diet. Nonetheless, the fruit is not as detrimental as other foods are, it doesn’t do good to your lovely canine.

The coconut milk and the flesh itself could upset your dog’s stomach and cause loose stools and in many cases diarrhoea. You might think it could be nutritious for your beloved canine but it actually is not. Besides that, coconut is highly enriched with potassium which shouldn’t be consumed by your dog.

  • Milk And Dairy Products

You must know that the milk we consume often comes from cows, buffalo and goats. Milk often comes with a type of sugar, known as lactose. Although we human beings have a sufficient amount of lactase (the enzyme required to break down lactose), dogs lack behind in having that enzyme.

Therefore, due to the lack of this substance, your dog may find it hard to digest the milk. Subsequently, it causes trouble in the stomach and makes your dog face trouble in passing stool. In some cases, it could be fatal to your pet.

  • Garlic, Chives And Onion

Vegetables and herbs such as these should never be given to dogs. Even a small amount of this food can cause gastrointestinal problems in the pet. Apart from that, it could lead to severe damage to the red blood cells and cause terrible anaemia.

However, more adverse effects are seen in cats, the dogs are also on the verge of such a medical risk if a large amount is consumed by the animal. Thus, never feed your dog these food substances as they may cause more harm than a health benefits.

  • The Raw Meat 

There is an endless debate going on about whether to feed your dog raw meat or not. The fact of the matter is that most dog experts take into consideration that dogs are the direct descendants of wolves. If you talk about wolves, they never consume cooked but raw meat.

Dogs also come from the canine family that wolves come from. Therefore, most experts go in favour of feeding a dog raw meat. However, mainstream medical science goes against this notion. Talking about eggs, it is believed to decrease the Vitamin B in your dog. Also, you certainly don’t want your beloved furry being to choke on a bone it does not chew.

  • Yeast Dough

As much as yeast dough is healthy and beneficial for human beings, it is equally bad for the canine family. The dough causes indigestion in the stomach and tends to accumulate gas. You must know that it could be extremely painful for your dog when its stomach is bloated.

In some breeds of dogs like Labrador Retrievers, it could twist the stomach, which could be fatal as well if not operated on immediately. Apart from that, it produces ethanol which could make your dog act as if it is drunk.

  • Grapes And Other Raisins

However, it is not clear what substance causes it in dogs, it is believed by experts that grapes and raisins may lead to kidney failure in dogs. Medical science is still researching the reason behind such a hazardous medical condition, it is wise not to feed your dog with this diet.

Grapes and raisins may be good for human beings, but it is certainly not healthy for the canine family. There are other alternatives you can provide your dog for feeding, however. Nonetheless, it is best not to feed your pet with grapes and raisins.

  • Salt and Snack Food 

When dogs consume a lot of salt, it tends to have extreme thirst and urination. In some adverse cases, it is witnessed that the pet is getting poisoned by sodium ions. Therefore, if you see your dog nauseating, check what you have fed it before.

More often than not, some pets are seen to have seizures. Therefore, you can imagine how harmful it can be for your dog. Apart from that, it could lead to diarrhoea and increased body temperature, and in some unfortunate events, it could be fatal as well.

  • Coffee, Caffeine And Chocolate

You must know that foods such as these contain methylxanthines and are certainly not good for your beloved dog. The substance is usually found in cocoa seeds which are used to process coffee and chocolates. When your dog eats the food, it may lead to vomiting and extreme panting.

In some cases, it causes diarrhoea, extreme urination and excessive thirst. Many dogs display hyperactivity, unhealthy heart rhythms seizures and in some adverse cases, it could result in death as well. Dark chocolate may contain a higher concentration of this substance as compared to milk chocolate. However, that doesn’t mean the light-coloured chocolate can be fed. It is necessary to keep your pet away from chocolate.

Suggestion From The Experts

Not all breeds of dogs are alike. Similarly, not every breed requires the same diet. While some breeds are more hyperactive and are used for various activities such as guarding and other things, various others are more like family companions. Therefore, it is wise to talk to an expert and make a diet plan according to the breed of dog you have. It will be beneficial for your dog and will keep it healthy.

Pet-Friendly Conclusion

Bringing a dog home is like providing him with another home. While some foods are highly nutritious for dogs, others are not so good. There is a reason why canines are called the best friend of human beings. They serve you as a loyal companion, guard your home and lively stocks and play with you to cheer your mood. Therefore, it is necessary to think wisely before feeding your beloved canine.


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