Socialization Challenges Dogs are experiencing during Pandemic Life

Socialization Challenges Dogs are experiencing during Pandemic Life

  Apr 14, 2021   |   1170   |    5 min read

Not all wounds are visible, and this quote is proven accurate in the Pandemic period, especially with speechless animals.

Pandemic is an opportunity for some and a problem for many. As some regained their energy, sorted their life and enjoyed time with their near and dear ones. Some get depressed due to cut off from their social interactions. Many depression-related cases are reported in the pandemic period. But human beings have the blessing of speech by which they communicate and express their feelings to the best.

But on the contrary, the speechless animals cannot express their feelings and bear their feelings alone. Social detachment is the worst feeling, and the dogs experienced many socializing challenges during pandemic life. But we at Another Home, pet boarding, take care of dogs and understand their emotions deeply.

Spending spare time at home with little exposure due to a pandemic period makes your furry friend more dependable upon their families. And this break will affect your doggie manners.


Due to lockdown, dogs got little exposure to being around or handled by different types of people. They experience this while they go for a walk, and this daily routine will help them interact with new people. This provides them with an opportunity to introduce themselves to a neighbor, their pets, places, and new smells. A walking routine would always prove refreshing and provide good mental and physical exercise.

Also, the lack of house guests has made them introverted, resulting in not allowing them to be in their personal space. And now vet visits become Halloween for them. Although pet parents manage this visit to maintain their pet's health, they still feel frightened when they are pulled out of the car and taken to the building all alone. The social detachment has developed a fear in their conciseness. 

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling which needs to be handled wisely, and this is the fact that it is not just limited to puppies. Many adult dogs do experience this. This is a consequence of regular walking by their pet parents for the past six months due to covid-19 period lockdown. No one can go back to their pre-COVID face, and the same goes for dogs. If you see your dog started barking extensively, paces whine sometimes, or chew while you are preparing to leave.

Then this is a clear symbol that your furry friend, your sweet little doggo, has separation anxiety as these are symptoms of separation anxiety. Due to the lockdown, new routines are established outside of the house. Every single being has to follow protocols to stay healthy, so it becomes the responsibility of pet parents to develop a smooth transition and new surroundings. Make sure that your dog is not feeling distressed when they are left alone for some time. But at pet boarding, dogs get the exposure, which will help them come out of a separation anxiety face.

Dog Etiquette

Etiquettes play an essential role in everyone's life. Due to staying for an extended period, you might have encountered some behavioral change in your pet. Is your pet dog stop listening to you when you call by their name? Are you also seeing them disregarding the sit, stay, and of command? These are the apparent symptoms that your dog needs pet boarding. Parents must keep their pet best fit.

Anthony Home is a dog kennel in Delhi that has a specialized crew of instructors. This is just not the palace for your pet to play. We ensure that your pet comes out of flying color from our pet boarding. We have proved our result and guarantee to give satisfactory results in future too. We aim to focus on building the confidence of your canine and transform it into a good dog.

We keep in mind the temperament and size of your dog and pair them with the same kind. This will help them have fun to the max and have a fun-filled socializing day. They interact with certified Canine coaches and who make sure to give good mental and physical exercise and burn off all their energy. As in our pet boarding, we believe that the best learning is learning with bacon bubbles and following the leaders. Another home instructor gives commands in the most accessible, understandable language by the dogs. Their first task is to focus on the breed and instruct them in their original language as it is commonly observed that commanding in their native language will help them understand the command better. 

The additional benefit to pet parents is that we send your pet home with their report cards that reflect their response in the training session and advice pet parents to keep in mind after observing their behavior and nature. We recommend you choose us as we put our heart and soul to transform your pet into a good being.