Tick-off Ticks From Your Lovely Dog's Skin

Tick-off Ticks From Your Lovely Dog's Skin

  Jan 11, 2021   |   1422   |    5 min read

Usually, tick season doesn't start before spring. However, it will take place in spring. According to experts, the flea and tick season will begin before the arrival of May month. According to Another Home, the upcoming tick season is said to be worse than before.

As you don't want to see bugs in your dogs, ticks are much worse than flea because they bring about Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is often a lengthy and costly process. Death is normal to dogs if diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Things to Remember Before Removing Ticks From Your Dogs

Before moving to remove ticks from dogs, you need to follow some steps:

  • For starters, do not assume that water will remove ticks. After returning home and bathing your dog, you will find out warm water cannot kill ticks from your canine's skin. The reason is they can survive water. When you wash dogs in a bathtub, ticks will not be destroyed and stay in the water and remain there and return to your home from the drain after a few moments.
  • As soon as you are at home, put your dog clothes in the dryer before washing them. Dryer heat will kill the Ticks present in your Dog clothes and yours, of course. After running the dryer, put them in water to wash. So, remember that ticks can be removed from your and your dog's clothes with a dryer.
  • When you leave for a walk or work, take your Tick Removal Kit with you because you can find a tick on your shirt where you go. Better if you also keep it at the door's entrance as it has no expensive items that can pose a problem for you. Even a single warm day in Winter will put you, and your clothes under the impact of a dog's tick.
  • Within your kit, white paper is required or a cheap blanket. The sheet must be white to see whether any tick might crawl off from your dog's skin to the floor spread with a white sheet. When you use a lint roller to remove these ticks, the white sheet must be put at the side of your dog so that ticks fell from your dog's body will come at the white sheet.
  • The next item is tweezers, and you require more money to buy them. It would be best if you bought it because it is a key tool that provides a good grip to your hand and at the ticks to grab and remove ticks from the dog's skin. If you finish removing ticks, you have to buy a pair of scissors of any cost, never mind cutting up the lint roller sheet. It doesn't matter the price of your scissors as these should cut-off the sheet smoothly and easily.

Another Home is the efficient and affordable Pet boarding Gurgaon for your dogs to care for, wellness, including flea and tick removal in a patterned way. All the ticks removal equipment and necessary staff are working regarding dogs' and watch infection from any ticks, fleas, and bugs.

How Do You Remove Ticks?

  • When you return from a long walk with your dog, take off the dog's clothes, collars, and harnesses. Then, put all of these into the dryer. Actually, heat from the dryer will kill the germs, ticks, bugs that are clung to your dog's skin.
  • Spread the white sheet on the floor and put your dog into a white sheet. If your dog has high energy levels and doesn't have the habit of lay-off the floor for more than a minute, then ask help from your family member to hold them for a moment. Give your dog a playing toy to chew. They will lay silently without moving till ticking removal is completed. It is a trick to hold them for a few seconds.
  • Once your dog is laid on the sheet, then you start to look for ticks. Start by rolling your hand on your dog's fur to keep them silent for the moment. If you feel any small bump on smooth skin, check in detail by removing his hair at the key area thoroughly from the neck to your dog's belly areas.
  • If you have found any tick in your dog's skin stuck into it, then keep calm so that your dog will not get away from you with a sudden movement. Silently, take tweezers and grab the tick head from the dog's skin. Don't roll or move the stick left or right or twist it because the head of the tick will not come from its fur. So, pull ticks by grabbing with the tweezers straight in a line to remove the tick's head from your dog's skin.

Take the help of Another Home Dog daycare Gurgaon to keep your dog healthy and clean. They should be devoid of micro-germs like ticks, flea or bugs, etc. Affordable and satisfactory services are provided to customers who love to keep their dogs away from home or any other reason to detox or refresh them. Opt for a well-entertained, stress-free, and calm boarding atmosphere for your dogs.

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