Top 8 Pawsome Dog Friendly Vacation Destinations In India

Top 8 Pawsome Dog Friendly Vacation Destinations In India

  Oct 14, 2022   |   775   |    5 min read

We love going on vacation. Who doesn’t? New people, a new place, and a refreshing escape from reality. It is fun. But leaving our pets alone at home we hate that. Though for some people, it can be weird, for us “The parent parent” it is an emotion. Finding a pet-friendly destination is a task in India, and not many hotels allow you to travel with your pet. So, what to do next?

To help you in making your travel experience memorable with your pet, we have selected the top 10 destinations you can go to with your pets.

1. Goa

Goa is a place where you can witness the magnificence of the past along with the Glory of the present. It is a place full of Sea, Sun, Sand, seafood, Music, spirituality, and Portuguese culture. The vibe there is Beautiful and alluring. In short, it’s a paradise.

Other than its beauty, Goa is people’s favorite place to be because of the pet-friendly culture of the place. There are a few hotels and resorts in Goa that give you a way to make your staycation better with your pets.

2. Mussoorie

Mussoorie or you may call the Queen of the hill station, has some best views of Green Doon Valley and the Himalayan peaks. The place is popular among youth and elders both.

The place is full of hotels and resorts, and among all of them, there are a few hotels that provide a pet-friendly environment for your furry friend. These hotels give you the facilities to walk your dog, play with them, and let them enjoy the peace of the Shivalik ranges. The hotel staff's great hospitality and smiling faces are an add-on.

3. Karnataka

Karnataka is travelers' favorite vacation place to be at. The place has National parks, beaches, Yoga centers, and palaces, which is a perfect match for travelers. The place has its own spark.

To top it all, Karnataka is also a pet-friendly place to travel. People of Karnataka love to play with pets, and if you go to any small town areas, you will find they have a proper village environment to give your pet a new experience. Your pets can run, sit, sleep and have fun the way they want.

4. Ooty

Ooty, or Udagamandalam, holds a place in all mountain lovers' hearts. There is no place as attractive as Ooty. A hill station in Tamil Nadu is a perfect place for your staycation. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Anyone who loves pictures and wants to relax and unwind can go to Ooty.

Apart from its beauty, Ooty gives us one more reason to love it, and that is the place’s pet-friendly nature. The place gives all its warmth to your pets to make them feel comfortable like they are at home. The place is full of resorts and hotels which allow your pet’s staycation. Those resorts have farms which are filled with horses, cows, sheep, geese, pigs and fam dogs. This farm is enough to attract a pet parent to join them.

5. Bhimtal

Away from all the hustle of big cities, Bhimtal is a small ancient town on the hills of Uttarakhand. It’s the perfect place to soothe and calm your soul. When someone visits Bhimtal, they completely fall in love with the place. The nature, the people, and the culture, everything is so perfect that when you visit the place, you will forget everything and unwind yourself.

Bhimtal is not just an eye-pleasing place but a soul-filling place also. The place has a view of the valley on one side and the forest on the other With all these things, the plus one for Bhimtal is its pet-friendly resorts and hotels. The place is a dream destination for a lot of pet lovers. The resorts have space to give enough freedom for your pet to run around, play, roll in the grass and have fun.

6. Kerala

Kerala, a pretty state in South India. Its layered landscape, protected wildlife resorts, sparkling backwaters, and hill stations make it different from other places. It was always people’s favorite place.

But another reason to love Kerala is its hotels and resorts, which don’t only work for your comfort but also for your pets. The resorts or hotels have a coffee farm, pond to swim, places to campfire and relax, badminton and cycling spaces, trekking facilities, and grounds for your pets to run in the lap of nature.

7. Pushkar

Pushkar, a well-known Hindu town in Rajasthan. The town is all out of bells, prayers, devotional songs, and a lot of temples. Pushkar, because of its beauty and calm, allures both the youth and older generations. People visit the place to soothe their souls.

In addition to all these, Pushkar also greets and gives a beautiful welcome to your pets. The place is all around hills, making it a perfect destination for all pet parents. It has hotels that are not just luxurious but furry friends too. They have furry friends meet-up places too.

8. Delhi

Delhi, our capital and the city, is full of treasure. The well-constructed monuments, heritage, and it's never-ending street life is a package full of dreams.

Other than being a city of lights and dreams, Delhi is also a dream place for you if you are a pet lover. It has many cafes and hotels where you can stay or have fun with your furry friend. And if you are going to be in Delhi for a vacation with your pet, which place can be better than, Another Home?

Another Home is a pet daycare center in Delhi, where we believe in equality and ensure that every pet receives enough attention from us. We strictly enforce a no-cage policy for our furry friends. And take care of your pet as a family member and provide them with proper grooming, bathing, diet, and a friendly environment.

If you ever visit Delhi with your pet, visit us!


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