What Are the Common Reasons for Dog Barking

What Are the Common Reasons for Dog Barking

  May 20, 2022   |   692   |    5 min read

Common Reasons for Dog Barking

Barking is a common behaviour for dogs, and it is how they communicate. Besides, how they bark depicts their different feelings. They communicate with the other dogs and their owners by barking. Furthermore, they can bark even with the slightest sound or movement. But is it common for your dog to bark excessively? Definitely Not! 

When your dog is barking continuously, he wants to warn you about an underlying issue. The non-stop barking of your dog shows a serious threat that can cause a nuisance to the homeowners, the neighbourhood, or at pet boarding. Also, they bark to gain attention when bored or hungry. Here, in this post, we will discuss some main reasons behind your dog’s excessive barking.

Possible Reasons Behind a Dog’s Continuous Barking

You cannot expect a child to not talk; similarly, you can’t expect your dog to not bark. However, too much barking can be a nuisance for your family as well as the neighbourhood; therefore, it is crucial for the dog owners to know the possible reasons for their dog’s continuous barking. Based on the reason, their barking problem can be treated with the help of a veterinarian. Below are some of the most apparent reasons behind this problem: 

1: Hunger or Attention Seeking

Dogs love their owners and want to be loved by them. Therefore, they want to seek the attention of their owners with continuous barking. This bark is a long string of single bark that has pauses between them. While barking, your dog will keep looking at you when you are around. Based on the situation, they want you to feed them, play with them, or take them for a walk. When barking, their body language remains low key. You will notice their tails to be straight and wagging. 

As a friendly owner, you might give them the desired treat that they want. However, when they start knowing that their bark is the reason, they will keep doing it all the time. 

2: Excitement

When you get back to your home after a long time, they start barking out of the excitement. Besides, yipping and yowling are also ways to communicate their excitement to the other dogs. When it comes to the pitch of this bark, they are often high-pitched or midrange in sound. They will do it continuously until their excitement diminishes with time. When they bark, their tails keep wagging and the body remains in an alert but happy position. Also, when excited they keep spinning in a circle and tap their feet swiftly.

3: Boredom

When you leave your dog alone all day having nothing to do, they will start barking out of boredom. They bark continuously and show their frustration on your flower beds. In such a case, you need to ensure that your dog is getting enough engagement through playing and exercise. When you take your dog on a long walk, they will rest silently until you come back. Besides, when you are not around, keep plenty of toys, and puzzles to keep them engaged.
Put the allowed amount of their treats in the treat balls or puzzles so that they keep finding them and remain active. It also ensures an adequate amount of their exercise, so that when done, your dog rests instead of barking.

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4: Out OF Anxiousness

Dogs are very sensitive animals, and it is natural for them to be anxious when left alone for the first time. When not habitual of staying alone, your dog will keep barking until you show up. In such a scenario, you need to train your dog how to cope with their loneliness and anxiety as an adult. You need to assist them with this phase of transition from an anxious barking dog to a more confident dog even when alone.

You can start their training by leaving them alone in the yard with toys and other engaging stuff when you are at home. Ensure a pleasant experience for them in this duration, and gradually increase the length of time they are left alone. If they are finding it difficult to cope with the loneliness, you can put them on the pet boarding.

5: Fear

If your dog is barking for too long, fear can also be one of the possible reasons behind it. When they hear some fretful or frightening voice near their territory, they start barking out of the fear. They can be afraid of the footsteps of the people approaching them at the night. The night is the time that can stimulate extra anxiety in them. Besides, cracking fireworks can also evoke a sense of fear among pet dogs. In such a case, you need to pamper them to make your dog calm.

6: Territorial Behaviour

Dogs want to inform you about a possible intrusion. It is why they are highly favoured for home security. To warn you about potential intruders, they bark continuously until you become attentive. If they see strangers around your home or entering your home, they start barking. They are not able to differentiate between your welcome visitors, people strolling past your home and forceful intruders. They bark with the same frequency and length of time.
When the arrival is already predicted, you need to make this experience pleasant for your dog. Be there with your dog and give him the treat so that the dog feels rewarded for not barking at the visitors. Praise and pet your dog to let him know that the behaviour he has shown is appreciable.

7: Pain 

It is one of the most crucial possible factors behind dog barking that you need to understand. They bark continuously when in pain and try to communicate their pain to you. Even at a pet boarding, the dogs bark in order to let you know that they are in pain and are seeking your attention to it. You can hear this type of barking after a serious attack from a group of dogs or when they accidentally bumped during their play.

As A Final Observation!

The barking reasons discussed in this post can play a vital role in understanding your dog better and helping them in their hours of need. When you know exactly why your dog is barking, you can take the right course of action in order to solve it. Besides, when you pay the attention to the minutiae details, they can save you from a major mishap. If you want to avoid your alone dog from creating a nuisance in the neighbourhood by continuous barking, you can put them to a reliable pet boarding until you are back.