5 Tips For First-Time Pet Boarding

5 Tips For First-Time Pet Boarding

  Feb 20, 2023   |   610   |    3 min read

Everybody at any point in their life desires to have a pet be it a dog, cat or any other pet. However, considering the hectic schedule of a working professional's daily life, it has now become impossible for them to keep a pet. While you are going to work, your pet has to stay all day alone which will not be good for your pet. Keeping this thing in mind, we at Another Home have brought you dog boarding services. Here, you can keep your pet stay with us while you can go to your workplace without any worries for your pet. However, while looking for pet boarding, there are some things that a pet owner should keep which we will discuss further in this article.

About Dog Boarding

Pet boarding is a place where you can keep your pet safely in an animal-friendly environment while you go to work or go out on holidays for a long duration. The place where you can keep your dog is called a dog kennel, dog hotel or dog resort. Apart from just keeping a dog-friendly environment, a dog boarding service should also provide other amenities like dog grooming, and bathing. These services will ensure that your dog will have a familiar home and will be healthy.

5 Pet Boarding Tips For The Dog Owner

As it is the responsibility of the dog boarding services to ensure a healthy stay at their place, the owner should also look out for the best for their pet's healthy life. Here are 5 tips that you should do while your dog is boarding at another residence:

1. Lookout For The Best Pet Boarding

The first thing you should do while finding a dog boarding service is to do a tour of the place yourself. By doing this you will be able to ensure the environment of the place will be suitable for your dog, does the place have enough space for your pet to roam and other things like hygiene and sanitation so that your pet will not become vulnerable to any disease. This is the minimum you need to do to ensure that your pet stays healthy.

2. Crate Training Your Dog

While your dog freely roams at your residence, this might not be the case at the pet boarding services where a small duration of the day your dog has to be spent in a crate/cage. Thus, to make your pet familiar with that environment you need to provide crate training to your dog so that there won't be any issues while your dog is at the kennel.

3. Vaccinate Your Dog

While it is necessary that your pet stays safe while staying at boarding services, it is also mandatory that others are also safe from your pet. In case your dogs bite the kennel owner and are not vaccinated, there is a chance of transmission of the rabies virus or any other pathogen which can cause infection or other diseases. Thus, your pet must be vaccinated.

4. Provide Your Dog With ID Tags And Familiar Items

Before you leave your dog at pet boarding services please ensure that you have provided your updated information on the tags in case of emergency. Also leave some items with which your pet is familiar like toys, blankets or other items so that they will feel comfortable in any external place.

5. Separation Anxiety

If you are going out on a holiday or anywhere for a long duration, there might be a chance that your pet becomes anxious. This will not be good for your pet’s physical and mental health. The only solution for avoiding separation anxiety is that you early socialize your pet so that they won't take much time while get familiar with the new place and socialising well with other people and animals.

Another Home Pet Boarding Services

We at Another Home, provide a perfect environment where your dog can stay safe, and healthy and become familiar with other dogs. Apart from pet boarding service, we do provide other services like pet grooming, and pet bathing. Pet experts who work here have experience caring for different dog breeds. So no matter how big or how small your dog is, you can leave your pet here without any doubts.


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