Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility Near Me

Choosing A Dog Boarding Facility Near Me

  Nov 23, 2022   |   609   |    5 min read

Irrespective of how much you love and adore your pup, a time will come when you need to leave your beloved pooch because of traveling for some vacation, function, emergency, or illness. Then, you can’t take your pet with you, and even your family or neighbor is not available to look after your dog. Then at that time, you start searching for a dog boarding facility near me. But it is also not easy to leave your pup in dog boarding. It can be nerve-racking and tough for your dog and you. You always doubt whether the dog daycare will treat your dog the same way you treat it, and they will feel that they are in Another Home.

But what if you find the best pet boarding near you that provides all the necessary facilities you seek? So here we have compiled the questions you can put in front of the boarding facility staff to confirm whether they best fit your dog.

Important Questions To Ask At Dog Boarding Facility

1. What Kind Of Kennel Do They Provide?

The kennel should have a cozy and clean bed and blanket. A temperature controller should be fitted in the kennel and have fences so that dogs cannot flee or escape. Also, there should be ample space so your pet can easily fit in the kennel.

2. What Will They Feed Your Dog?

Always check with the dog boarding service provider about what brand of food they will provide your pup. If they provide food from another brand, try to provide the food from your side or ask them to provide the same brand of food; otherwise, it will upset your puppy’s stomach. They should provide nutritious and high-quality food.

3. For How Long Will They Take The Dog For The Walk?

At least once a day, they must take the dog out for a walk to get outdoor exposure.

4. What Amenities And Activities Will They Do With The Dog?

When dogs exercise and do outdoor activities, they get mental stimulation and even thrive. So the dog boarding facility needs to make them perform different activities to train them.

5. Is An Emergency Vet Available?

At the time of illness of the dog, make sure that the dog boarding has a vet onsite with skilled care, and they should have proper medication.

6. How Often Are Kennels Cleaned?

To maintain hygiene and sanity, clean the kennel regularly.

7. How Many Staff Is Working There?

Make sure that the staff is well-trained and certified. Also, check that your dog receives enough attention and care from the staff. Check that at night, will there be any staff available or not to look after your pooch.

Note: There are also some dog daycare service providers, so if you have an office during the day and have no one to look after your pet, you can contact the boarding station and leave your dog there.

Perks Of Keeping Dogs At Boarding Facility

1. Dog Will Get Proper Nutrition

Dog boarding service provider has experts who provide the correct nutrition and food to the doggies. They have numerous varieties of high-quality wet and dry food available, and they will feed the dog exactly what is needed.

2. Timely Medication

Be assured that they will provide timely treatment or medication if you leave your dog with the dog boarding. If there is some distortion, then proper medical care is given to your pup.

3. Socialization

There will be many pups at the boarding station, so your dog will have enough time to socialize. Not only this, but they will also be showered with attention, love, and care by the staff.

4. Proper Grooming

Check whether the boarding facility provides grooming services, as grooming will make your dog healthy and clean. It includes ear and teeth cleaning, nail trims, and a bath, and it will make your pet look beautiful.


If you are away from your dog, it will make you both nerve-wracking. But if you leave your dog in the hands of professionals, they are safe and will be cared for with love. So do a proper investigation before choosing a pet boarding near you.


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