Professional Dog Bathing Service In Delhi/NCR

Professional Dog Bathing Service In Delhi/NCR

  Jul 05, 2022   |   663   |    5 min read

Dog hygiene is as important as we humans. However, they do not require bathing sessions frequently, but when they do, it can be a whole lot of task and require much equipment. From products to scrubs and brushes, dog bathing can take a lot of time and investment.

However, the easy option is to get professional help. All you need to do is look for a dog bathing service near me and book an appointment. However, if you want to take care of your furry friend all by yourself, keep reading!

Bathing Session Just Like Professional Dog Bathing Service

If you want to do everything right and arrange a bathing session just like a professional at home, you need a few tools and go through a process. Let’s learn about it.

Tools Needed For Bathing Your Dog

Before getting into the process, let us see what all you need to give your dog the experience of a dog bathing service at home.

  1. An area with running water (a bathtub would work)
  2. A slip-proof mat to avoid hurting your baby
  3. Drain cover to prevent hair from getting in
  4. Something to rinse; a pitcher, a hose, or a water pipe
  5. Shampoo and conditioner made for dogs only. Make sure you get tear-free products
  6. A towel and dryer to dry the water off.
  7. A toy or something to distract your dog

Steps Involved In The Bathing Session

Once you have all the necessary tools in handy, you can now bring in your little friend and give him a fresh day-start.

  1. Before starting the session, put the drain cover in place and put out toys or stick the lick pad on the wall.
  2. Now that all that is done, rinse your baby from head to paw, completely but carefully. Fold in his ears to avoid any water getting in.
  3. Now, apply shampoo and start scrubbing off the dirt. Avoid using your nails. Start near the shoulders and then move ahead.
  4. Make sure you do not miss out on their paws. These can be very dirty because of all the sweat and require extra attention.
  5. Once you cover the body and paws, apply the shampoo to the face. Take care that you avoid areas near the eyes, nose, and ears.
  6. Now that you have done the scrubbing, it is time to rinse it off. Remember to rinse the shampoo with clean water at least twice. Any leftover shampoo can cause bacteria growth and skin problems. Now do the same with conditioner.
  7. Now, let your dog shake off the water. Once done, use a hair dryer or towel to soak off the remaining water.
  8. Once the dog is all dry, use an undercoat rake to remove the loose hair and finally brush the hair to end up with a shiny, luscious coat.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

Dogs do not need to bathe frequently. If your dog hasn’t been playing in the dirt and is not smelling weird, you can schedule another session 6-12 weeks later. This is because excess bathing can make their skin and hair dry, taking away the lushness. However, make sure to brush his hair in between the two sessions to keep them good-looking.

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