Why Your Pet Needs A Professional Dog Grooming Service?

Why Your Pet Needs A Professional Dog Grooming Service?

  Jul 07, 2022   |   781   |    5 min read

We, humans, like to take care of ourselves well, Isn't it? Be it regularly bathing ourselves, brushing our teeth, or taking care of our skin and hair. Pets, especially dogs, much like us, want to be groomed well. Grooming service is especially important because, during the grooming process, your dog is checked for any problems with its fur or skin like matting or any other issues such as infections or injuries that the dog may have carried home.

Although, you can take up the responsibility of grooming your dog on your own. It is advisable to let a professional dog grooming service groom your dog. Not only does it save your time and energy, but it also provides for the care and patience that your dog needs, which you might not be able to spare. In this write-up, we shall talk about why you should get a professional groomer for your dog and what are the benefits that a professional dog groomer can offer:

1. They offer a complete package

They do it all! A professional dog groomer will brush, bathe, dry, trim, and sanitize your dog's body and skin. They cut their nails, brush, and clean the teeth of your dog with a special dog-specific toothpaste. These professionals also very swiftly comb the dog's mats making their skin easily lathered with dog shampoo.

They would also check your dog's ears and eyes for any infection. Professional dog groomers would also trim dogs over their eyes, at the tips of the ears, and the bottom of their feet. Thus, a professional groomer would offer a complete 360-degree package grooming session for your dog.

If you try grooming your dog yourself, there is a good chance that you may miss out on a lot of things. But, that is not the case with professional dog grooming services. Professional groomers do courses especially on dog grooming, making them the authority on grooming, something that you might not have.

2. They have just the perfect tools required for grooming

Professional dog groomers have all the right tools required for a perfect grooming session. From various kinds of clippers and rounded scissors to adjustable grooming tables, these professionals have everything to make your dog look its best. They are also armed with gentle varieties of non-toxic shampoo that make bathing fun for your dogs. Also, these kinds of shampoo are good for dogs with skin allergies, irritations, or fleas.

Different types of breeds have different grooming requirements. Some varieties of dogs have coats that require specific types of brushes, something that these professional groomers have. These are special brushes that are not easily available in homes, etc. Also, grooming these various dog breeds requires specific knowledge about that breed and attention to detail. You might not be aware of these specific requirements of breeds, but these professionals very well do.

3. They know how to control these little furry guys

Some dogs are a little different and need special care and attention. These need to be handled rather delicately, gently, and most of all confidently. Similarly, some older dogs get rather anxious, and you need to muzzle them while grooming, something that a groomer can do well. If you have any back problems, then professional groomers can help you by reducing your workload and chances of getting back pain.

4. They do even the most abominable tasks

A dog owner has to take care of a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities include some unpleasant tasks such as cleaning anal glands, bathing a dirty or muddy dog, or cleaning a dog that is full of fleas. While you might not much like doing these tasks, a professional groomer knows the right way of doing these chores. Also, they are trained to do such jobs, which makes them better placed to do them.

5. Professional Dog Grooming is best for your dog’s health

In addition to keeping you stress-free from your dog’s responsibilities, professional grooming service also ensures some health benefits:

  • Professional dog bathing prevents skin irritations by washing away the dirt.
  • Professional De-tangling helps prevent painful pulling of skin and matting of coats.
  • Through the use of the right brushes, the damaged and dead hair can be safely removed, giving rise to the growth of healthy coats.
  • Proper brushing also gets the dead skin removed, thereby leading the dog's natural oils to be uniformly distributed.
  • Early detection of lumps, bumps, and skin allergies can occur during a professional grooming session which might go undetected at home.
  • Trimming the nails the right way helps reduce the risk of nail tears, painful cracks, etc.

How frequently should I get my Dog Groomed?

How often you should groom your dog is a question of a mix of factors. The frequency depends on the breed of the dog, type and length of coat, nature of the dog, climate, etc. It also depends on how you ask the professional to do the grooming and then how often you require the services.

Whatever the frequency of your visit, it is always advisable to do a little grooming at home. Cleaning the teeth and skin, brushing the coat, and taking care of their private parts will go a long way in making your canines hale and hearty. This habit of hygiene also makes them comfortable and pleasant to live with. You should be especially careful and gentle while dealing with little puppies who are delicate enough.

Finding a Dog Groomer

There are many ways you can find a professional dog grooming service. You can ask for recommendations from trusted friends, local dog breeding clubs, or veterinarian doctors. Most of the dog-grooming shops are located in the vicinity, and most of them give appointments in advance. There are also mobile dog grooming vans doing the rounds in residential colonies. They are equipped with the latest gear and all the supplies required for grooming.

One important thing that you must do while deciding on a groomer is to ask the right questions. You must investigate the training schedule, fees, tools available, and experience of the groomers present there.

We at Another Home leave no stone unturned to provide the best of what our little furry friends require. We understand what your pet needs and are well-poised to take care of your little ones! Just leave it to us to take care of your pets, and you'll know why we are the best. For more, you can call us at +91-8800237327 or mail us at [email protected].

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