7 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

7 Ways To Prepare Your Dog For Boarding

  Aug 18, 2022   |   573   |    5 min read

Need a break from your hectic life but worried for your pet? A dog care center has got your back. Pet boardings can take care of your amiable pets when you are not around. However, before you leave your dog at the pet boarding, you need to make sure that your pet can adjust to the new environment. Besides, health and hygiene are also a big concern for the dogs, so you need to keep this in your mind. Here, you can find all the important points you need to keep in mind before you search “dog boarding near me”. Navigate until the end to get your queries answered.

How to Choose the Right Dog Kennel?

Before we proceed further, you need to make a checklist of the points you need to consider before choosing the right dog center for your pet. Check below:

  • Make proper research of the center and make sure that someone is around all the time; especially when your pet requires loads of attention.
  • Dig deeper into the history of the dog center and know if there is any pet loss at the center.
  • Read the online reviews about the dog center. The reviews section can be a mix of good and bad reviews. However, if the same issue is surfacing again and again, you need to take it as a red signal and think over it.
  • You may also ask for recommendations from friends or family members who are aware of the pet boarding service quality.
  • Hygiene is a point of the utmost importance and you need to make sure that the boarding takes good care of it.
  • Ask the people at the boarding to show all the spaces of the center. If they are avoiding your request, there might be something fishy about the shelter.

Keeping these important considerations in your mind can help you to find the best dog shelter. Now that you have checked these points, time to prepare your dog for the pet shelter.

1. Take A Boarding Trial For A Shorter Period

Before you finally leave your dog at boarding, it is better you leave your god here for a trial. Keep the time span shorter to check if your dog is comfortable with the new environment or not. How does he adjust here and what are the issues that are surfacing during the trial? Based on this trial, you may proceed further when the time comes. Besides, if the dog feels nervous or anxious during this period, take him to your veterinarian for a consultation.

2. Put Him To The Socialization Training

If you have kept your dog inside your premises all his life and all of sudden you are planning to leave him at a pet boarding, better put him in socialization training. It will help your dog to get familiar with the other dogs and pups at the boarding. When not done properly, he might be overwhelmed by the crowd of dogs. You may ask if the facility works on making the newly coming dogs get familiar with the other dogs. If not, you need to take responsibility on your own.

3. Look For Your Dog’s Sleep Habits

Leaving your dog at the dog care center can disrupt the habits of your dog; especially the sleep habits. If your dog sleeps next to you, it will become more difficult for him to absorb the changes in his sleep environment. In such a case, you need to change his sleep habits gradually so that your dog can forge himself for the new environment. Make him sleep alone while keeping close eyes on his behaviour. Leave your clothes or other items that have your odour so that he can feel your presence around.

4. Create A Similar Environment At The Boarding

Changing the place can make your dog feel alone and irritated. To compensate for his loneliness, you have to make sure that he lives with the utmost comfort and doesn’t miss you much. For instance, you can place the same rug that he uses to sleep at home. Besides, you can place some toys and other accessories for your dog. You need to confirm with the boarding facility in advance if they allow your pet’s bed and other items at the time of boarding. If not, it can be a last-minute hassle for you.

5. Reach Out To The Dog’s Vet Before Leaving Him

Before you finally leave your dog, consult your dog’s veterinarian. It is crucial to ensure that your dog’s health is intact. If not, the concerning health issues can worsen at the boarding. Besides, you will need to update about your pet’s vaccination, so taking your dog to a vet not only ensures his well-being but also addresses the underlying issues that need to be fixed before you finally leave him.

6. Take Care Of Your Dog’s Diet

Leaving your pet might make his stomach upset. Therefore, you need to keep on a healthy diet. Don’t overfeed him only because it is his last diet with you until you come back. Once you find the best results for your search “dog boarding near me” tell them about the specific diet instructions you are following for your dog.

7. Morning Is The Best Time To Leave

Last, but not least, choose the morning time to leave your dog at the boarding. Once you checkmark all the important considerations, leave with your dog in the morning and see him engrossed in the new environment before you bid him adieu. Leaving your dog all alone at night can make him more depressed and anxious. Contrarily, when you leave him in the daytime, he will play all day and get to sleep easily after getting tired.

Ending Words!

When leaving your pet at pet boarding, it is your job to ensure his well-being in the upcoming days. However, all you can do is take the necessary measures to make him feel safe and comfortable. The dog boarding facility also plays a crucial role in consoling your dog in his loneliness with the best care and pampering. Another Home is a reliable pet boarding center you can rely on for your furry friend.


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