Does Dog Boarding Center Allow Puppies to Stay?

Does Dog Boarding Center Allow Puppies to Stay?

  Aug 02, 2022   |   770   |    5 min read

When you are not around, you need someone reliable to take care of your dog. Dog boarding services can help you in such a scenario. However, if you are wondering if a dog boarding center allows puppies to stay, read this post until the end.

There are instances when you need to travel for work or vacation without your dog. In such a case, you may look for pet boarding services near you. But what if they don’t allow the pups to stay? Well! Here is all you need to know in order to get rid of your dilemma. Let’s proceed further!

What Should Be The Minimum Age Of The Puppies Before Going To Dog Boarding?

The majority of the pet boarding centers do not take puppies under the age of six months. Puppies under this age are in the growing stage and are not much familiar with their surrounding world except you. They only know that adjusting to a boarding center can be a demanding task for them. Furthermore, their immune system is in the evolving stage, so putting them in pet boarding can make them prone to viruses and other diseases. Age criteria are one of the most crucial factors you need to adhere to. However, there can be multiple other factors to consider.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before Putting Your Dog In A Pet Boarding

Age factor can be imperative for most pet boarding services. Additionally, you also need to play your part before you leave him at boarding. Below are some crucial considerations you should keep in your mind for your pup:

  • Before you leave your pup for boarding, you need to accustom him to the kennel stays by boarding him for at least a week. It not only helps you to check the facilities at the boarding but also prepares your pup for a longer stay.
  • Make sure that your pup is vaccinated, which can prevent him from several harmful viruses. Besides, flea and tick prevention should also be done prior to the boarding.
  • Also, bring your pet’s medication and special food and something that gives the smell of yours. It will make your dog feel your presence around him.
  • Keep your veterinarian’s phone number handy with you, which may be required in an emergency situation.
  • The staff must be informed about any medical or behavioral problems your pup has, such as fear of thunder or epilepsy.

How To Choose The Right Dog Boarding Service For Your Puppy?

Now that you know how to make your pooch ready for the separation, you want to prevent him from additional suffering. Below are some of the key checkpoints you need to mark before leaving your pet at a pet care center:

  • Take reviews and recommendations from your friends or family members. Best, if you can talk to your veterinarian for the recommendation of a dog boarding center. They are in close contact with the dog owners and therefore, can suggest the best dog kennels.
  • When you have a list of some of the best pet boarding services, check their online reviews to narrow down the list. Some of the reviews might be manipulated, however, if a specific problem is coming up, take the red signal and avoid it for your dog.
  • When the list is narrowed, talk to them and check if they can accommodate your puppy for the time you are not around him. If you are convinced about the center, make a visit to see it yourself. 
  • On visiting the facility, ask the person at per boarding to give you a tour of the whole boarding facility. If they don’t show the entire facility, it means that they are trying to hide their shortcomings.
  • Also, make sure that the dog boarding facility has sufficient lighting, ventilation, and temperature control. Your pup away from your home needs special care and attention.

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