Choose The Right Dog Boarding Facility For Your Furry Friend

Choose The Right Dog Boarding Facility For Your Furry Friend

  Nov 07, 2023   |   366   |    5 min read

Are you going on a long vacation and worried about your beloved furry friend? Leaving your furry friend behind in someone else's care is a matter of anxiety for pet parents. Thanks to the dog boarding services, an amazing place for your dog to stay so that you can enjoy your vacation without any worry. The pet boarding services provide the pet owners peace of mind while they are on vacation or at work. The boarding home allows dogs ample time to play, exercise, socialize, and groom. Though choosing the right dog boarding is not as easy as squeezing the lemon. Read the complete blog till the end to know more.

What Features Should A Dog Boarding Facility Have?

Dogs are family members, and leaving them behind will create stress for every pet lover. Even if your friends/ relatives have recommended the boarding service, you will likely want to make sure the stay of your pet is a pleasant one. Read the online reviews, ask for the opinion of your friends, and talk to the kennel attendants. Also, visit the dog boarding house personally so that you can make a personal evaluation. While making a personal visit to the pet boarding house, you must observe the following things.

  • How do the kennel attendants treat the other dogs present at the center?
  • What vibes does the dog boarding house give?
  • Does the dog boarding house seem to be hygienic? Is it properly clean?
  • What are the security features? Is the place safe and secure for your pet?
  • Is there ample space for your dog to play and roam?
  • What type of food is served and its frequency?
  • Is there any veterinary service available in case of a medical emergency?
  • Last but not least, the cost of the package of pet boarding service.

Finding The Best Dog Boarding Near Me

It can be quite a touch to see the sad face of your loved little furry friend when you leave them. Whether you leave for a day or a complete whole week, they anxiously wait for your return. Picking the right dog boarding near me is a difficult task, especially when you are living in Delhi, Gurgaon. You need to take care of certain things while picking the best dog boarding in Gurgaon, such as security, accommodation, cleanliness, and more. Another Home is a safe and secure home for your loved ones when you are away from them.

Another Home: The Best Dog Boarding Gurgaon

Whether you are a first-time pet boarder or an experienced one, here is what sets Another Home apart from the rest of dog boarding near Gurugram, Haryana.

  • No Breed Restriction

Regardless of your dog's breed, we provide the necessary exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy. During the day, the dogs are grouped according to size and temperament so that everyone has fun.

  • Five Star Accommodation

Each dog is provided with the proper accommodation during their stay with us. Also, the food is served as per the industry standards. In case your furry friend loves to eat specific items, do inform us beforehand.

  • Play, Play And Play

Your beloved furry friend has ample space to run and play with the other dogs in a supervised environment. Separating with the owner can be a stressful experience for the dog. But our attentive experts will help them feel more relaxed and comfortable during their stay. Whether your dog is a highly energetic pup or a laid-back type dog, provide the proper physical and mental stimulation to thrive.

  • Neat, Clean And Hygiene

Proper cleaning is done as per the standards to keep the place hygienic. We ensure that there is no foul smell. Also, the place is well-clean so that no diseases are transmitted from one dog to another.

  • Experienced Kennel Assistants

The staff members are highly experienced. Based on your dog's breed, the experts have created a proper training regime.

  • Proper Grooming

During the stay of your furry friend, we take care of their grooming. Proper hygiene can only be maintained when they are groomed properly. During their tenure at Another Home, your furry friend will enjoy bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

  • Necessary Vaccination

Vaccination is important for your dogs to prevent them from various diseases or infections. We have the proper veterinary services and provide the necessary vaccinations to your dogs during their stay with us.

  • Budget Friendly

Last but not least, budgets play an important role for the owners. While looking for a shelter for their furry ones, the owners look for an affordable dog boarding house. We provide unmatchable services at the best pocket-friendly price, which makes us the best dog boarding near Gurugram, Haryana.

A Day At Another Home

During your dog's stay at Another Home dog boarding center, our highly experienced, skilled staff will look after your dog's every need. We believe that dogs are social creatures by nature and need a healthy and friendly environment during their stay with us. Let us have a quick look at a normal day at a pet boarding center.

  • Early Wake Up

Our day starts early here. We wake up early, and after a potty break, we feed the proper breakfast to the dogs. Also, the proper grooming is done by the experts.

  • Enough Time To Play

The dogs have enough time to play and exercise in the interactive playgrounds with the other dogs. We also take care of their rest. They can rest during the day when they get tired. The dogs enjoy the indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Early Dinner

After a full-fledged, tiring day, the dogs are sent back to their suites for a break and dinner.

  • Sound Sleep

The suites are personalized enough to fit the sleeping preferences of your dogs. We let the dogs out for the last natural call break so that they can have a sound and peaceful sleep after a long, hectic day.

A Checklist Of Things To Bring For Your Dog's Boarding Stay

You must pack certain necessary documents for a hassle-free stay of your dog with us. These documents include:

  • Emergency contact details
  • Medical history
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Identification ID

Note: Do not forget to pack a collar, a Leash, and their favourite toy.

Last Note

It is the right time to find a shelter for your four-legged friend during your vacation. Another Home is the best dog boarding near Gurugram, Haryana. Our kennel assistants are professional enough to handle any breed of dog. We are proud to be a cage-free boarding facility that offers a safe and secure homestay to your furry friend when you are away.


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