Common Practices To Opt For While Getting A New Puppy

Common Practices To Opt For While Getting A New Puppy

  Aug 08, 2023   |   495   |    4 min read

Getting a new puppy is always as exciting as any other major event of your life. Choosing a new companion for a decade will be enjoyable and also responsible. The dog will always be loyal to you, and you need to give proper training for the pet to socialize with other people and also protect you in need. The major preference while choosing a puppy is that you have a younger one, i.e., not more than 3-4 months old. The reason for that is that the younger the puppy is, the more it will become adaptable to the new surroundings. Along with that, there are some precautions that you need to take when you bring home a new puppy.

Here we are going to list some indicators which you need to keep in mind when you bring home a new puppy. Thus stay with us to know more about the precautions you need to take with a new puppy.

Common Things To Avoid While Getting A New Puppy

Here we have given some common tips that you can adapt as part of your dog grooming practices. The given pointers can be considered ideal for both the pet owners and the dog boarding facility. So read the given measures and add them to your dog grooming plan which will ultimately add up to its proper growth.

Do Not bath Your Puppy Until It Is Two Months Or Older

Any pet lover who has brought home a new puppy needs to avoid giving his dog a bath or shower. The reason for that is the new puppy will be vulnerable to new surroundings or nature. Showering your new puppy will degrade its immunity and make it susceptible to pathogens. Due to that, your pet might become sick. Thus, to avoid that, you should not give your puppy a bath or shower unless it is three months or older.

Do Not Take A 3-4 Month Old Puppy On Distant Long Walks

The pet owner should keep the regular trips of their pet short. As it is mandatory to take your dog on a walk, it is also necessary that you avoid taking a puppy on a long walk. The consequences for that will be that your pet will lose all its energy from the start of the day only and become exhausted and unable to do tasks for the whole day. So, to keep your puppy active for the whole day, which will also be beneficial while training it, you need to avoid long walks during the initial period of 3-4 months. The distance of the walk needs to be increased gradually.

Well Balanced Diet

A vital part of ideal dog grooming is the quality of the food. Diet is another major factor that can impact your dog’s overall growth. Pet owners need to keep in mind that the heavy food might be indigestible for the small puppy. Thus initially, you need to keep your dog on a light diet or preferably milk. You have to give small food diets throughout the day, like 3-4 times. Also, you need to check for various signs from your pets, which will indicate that it is hungry. One major sign is the puppy crying continuously. Although there can be numerous of your puppies crying, the first measure you can take is to feed them.

Crate Training Might Be Beneficial

The majority of pet owners do not consider giving crate training to their dogs as it will confine their puppy around four walls which might affect its growth. However, when utilized properly, crate training is highly beneficial for both dog and its owner. The reason for that is that your dog will consider the crate as its territory or the den where it can go whenever depressed, angry, or not in a good mood.

Early Socialization

This is the most important part of the training that makes every pet familiar with the people apart from the family. What exactly happens through frequent socialization in the early stages of life is that a puppy becomes familiar with adapting to the new environment and easily communicating with new people. Without socialization, there are slight chances that your puppy will become aggressive towards outsiders, and also it will decrease their chances to adapt to the new environment.

Take Your Pet To Another Home

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