Puppy's First Walk - Some Tips For The Pet Owner

Puppy's First Walk - Some Tips For The Pet Owner

  Feb 27, 2023   |   397   |    4 min read

The first walk for the puppy can be really important. Some precautions and measures need to be taken first before you go to take your puppy on a first walk. Taking out a dog for a first walk is an important task as a dog owner as this will be the first time when your dog will see the place outside your home or see faces apart from family members. Thus, here we have provided some tips which will be helpful for them while they take their dogs on their first walk. These tips will be important for both first-time dog owners and experienced owners who have brought a new puppy recently. Also, considering the daily schedule of any working professional, they hardly get any time to take out their puppy first. Thus here we at Another Home provide dog walking services to ensure that your pet has a healthy lifestyle.

Why Is First Walk For Your Dog Very Important?

The first walk for your dog is an important task for you as a pet owner. The reason for that is that it is really necessary to socialize your dogs in the outside environment. So, you need to take care of your dogs during their first walk, or else it will be difficult while take them down the next time. Also, it can be a good opportunity for the owner to bond with their pets. It can be considered a way how you and your pet are going to face outsiders together. Apart from that, your dogs need to have fresh air. It is an instinct in animals to roam freely. Thus, they need free space for which your house might not be enough.

Vaccinate Your Dogs Before Their First Walk

It is really important to vaccinate your dogs before you take them for their first walk. Before going outside, all that your pet has survived was the environment at home which is safer than the outside environment. Thus your dog, while going outside, will be vulnerable to various pathogens, especially rabies. So, make sure your dog is vaccinated before going out for a first walk.

Tips For Pet Owners For First-Time Walk

The following things are advised to dog owners before they take their pets for a first-time walk.

Avoid The Area With Traffic Or Densely Populated Areas

For the first walk, avoid the places where there can be more traffic. Places which have a lot of traffic are schools, offices or stations. The reason for this is that your dog has seen no more than your family member. Thus meeting so many unfamiliar people can scare your dog and also create trouble while socializing your pet. You can also take your pet to Another Home, where we have enough space for your dog to roam freely without any trouble. We provide the best dog walking services in the Delhi NCR area.

A Small Distance Can Be Good For First Walk

It is not in the habit of your puppy to walk too much. Walking too much can consume the whole energy of your dog; thus, the remaining day, your dog will be exhausted. Thus make sure you cover only a small distance while taking your puppy for the first walk, not less than a kilometre.

Make Small Stoppage while Taking your Dog

Another thing to keep in mind while taking a first walk with your dog is to stop at various places and let you become familiar with the stoppage. This is important for your pet's socialization. With that, your dog will become familiar with the outside places, and also it can be beneficial for your dog's potty training.

Always Use A Leash For Your Dog

It is mandatory to have a leash while taking a walk with your pet. The reason for that is on your dog's first walk, it will try to roam everywhere, and without a leash, it is possible that your dog may get lost or might get hurt. Also, it is a good means of communication between you and your dog, which will become beneficial in your dog training.

Take Necessary Walking Supplies With You

Aside from a leash, you can also take other supplies for your dog training and also to socialize your dog. You can take the following things before taking your dog for the first time:

  • Various treats to reward your dog (part of your dog training).
  • A waste bag for your dog's stools.
  • The water in the bottle in case your dog gets thirsty on the first walk.

Make sure you make your dog familiar with the leash otherwise there can be trouble while taking your dog for a walk.

Provide Simple Obedience Training To Your Dogs

It will be beneficial if you provide simple command training to your dog. With your dog following simple commands like sit, go, come, and various others, it will become very easy to socialize with your dog. There will be fewer chances that your dog will panic on the first walk.

Find A Walking Partner For Your Dog

In any case possible, find a partner with whom you can get your dogs together. It will also be good for your puppy to be familiar with not only other people but also other dogs.

About Another Home Dog Walking Service

We at Another Home provide various pet-related services like dog grooming, pet boarding, and also dog training. We do have a reputation for providing a proper shelter to board your dog while you have to go outside on holiday or for any other purpose in which no one is present to take care of your pet. Apart from that, at our dog training center, we can easily train your dog according to your needs, like a simple pet dog or a guard dog. Thus in case you are looking for a place to train your dog, board them, or you are unable to groom your dog contact us and we will be there for your service.


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