Do's And Don't Of Grooming Dog At Home

Do's And Don't Of Grooming Dog At Home

  Sep 06, 2022   |   712   |    5 min read

Numerous dogs have suffered injuries, deaths, or escape attempts while receiving grooming. Animals are handled hastily and frequently carelessly by enterprises owing to their profits.

So, what should a kind owner like you do? You can do dog grooming at home, where he/she feels safe and comfortable, as an alternative to going to a neighbourhood groomer.

Make sure your dog has a clean bill of health from your veterinarian and that you are aware of critical best practices for at-home grooming before giving it a try. To protect your dog friend's safety while receiving pampering, abide by these dos and don'ts.


1. Regularly groom them

Do you own a long mane? It would be awful if you neglected to wash and comb it for weeks or even months. You might not immediately detect some dogs' uncomfortable skin issues.

Some breeds, like Shih Tzus and Pomeranians, require frequent brushing. Regular nail trimming is also recommended for dogs.

The health of dogs can be endangered by overgrown nails, and cutting overgrown nails can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort for your dog. Dogs are far less inclined to cooperate when they are unhappy.

2. Have patience

Dogs can smell your stress, so be sure you're at ease and have plenty of time set up for the grooming session.

Move cautiously and keep a close eye on what you're doing and how your dog is responding. Take a break if necessary and keep an eye out for symptoms of stress, such as trembling, whining, or panting that aren't caused by the heat.

While using scissors and nail clippers, you should be cautious. Try dog grooming more frequently, like once a week, and simply do a tiny bit at a time if your dog has a tendency to panic and won't stay still.

If the need is, while trimming your dog's nails, try to trim a few nails at a time. And don't forget to shower him with attention, affection, and treats. Make the experience satisfying.

Your dog will become used to the procedure and will be more at ease if you are polite and patient with them.

3. Opt for a secure, well-lit location for grooming

In order to prevent them from slipping and falling, you need to be able to see what you're doing and have a safe, non-slip surface. When grooming your dogs, avoid tethering them because this might cause severe mishaps.

Of course, if they enjoy being brushed, give them as many brushes as you can - this may be a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship. Even when they don't enjoy a certain grooming method, you can utilise brushing as a reward.

4. Make use of the proper tools for Dog Grooming at Home

Are you using the proper brush when you brush? A specialised brush can be required depending on the type of fur and skin on your dog.

Find out what kind of brush is best for your dog's coat online or from your veterinarian. Similarly, check that the scissors, trimmer, nail clippers, and other tools are all of the highest calibre and suitable for your dog.

Never be afraid to seek advice from your veterinarian if you're unsure.

5. Keep in mind that breeds with long hair or double coats demand a lot of upkeep

For dogs, you need to take care of the long hair. These dogs can easily get mats on their bodies if they aren't brushed frequently, including behind their ears, behind their front legs, and in front of their hind legs.

Check your dog's coat frequently. Before clipping their nails, dogs with lengthy fur on their paws may benefit from having that cut.

6. Recognize your limitations

Your dog might still resist remaining calm and still while being groomed, despite your best efforts and sincere intentions.

If this occurs, think about asking a friend to assist you with grooming, or ask your veterinarian about taking natural sedative supplements.

If you're unable to perform it securely at home, you may always ask your veterinarian for assistance with nail trimming.


1. Don't Hurry

Would you appreciate it if your nail tech or hair stylist was rushing? No. Your dog wouldn't either, sadly. Ask any expert, hurried grooming can lead to stress and even life-threatening blunders.

2. Refrain from grabbing them by their fur

This should never be done during grooming, just like tethering.

3. Avoid using perfumed shampoo

Dogs' sensitive skin and nostrils might become irritated by perfumed bath products. Select a fragrance-free shampoo.

4. Avoid giving your dog frequent baths

Only bathe your pets when absolutely necessary, such as after it has rolled in something and gotten filthy or smelly. Bathing dogs can dry up their skin and interfere with their ability to regulate their body temperature.

A dog's body temperature can drop when bathing in cold weather, so be sure to bathe them in a warm environment. Always use a towel to dry your dog; a blow dryer can scare dogs and make them overheat.

5. Avoid trying to do too much at once to avoid exhausting your dog

Avoid the error of attempting to fit all of the tasks on your dog's grooming checklist - a wash, fur clipping, nail trimming, toothbrushing, and other tasks - into a single session. Instead, break up grooming duties into fewer, more frequent periods.

Avoid waiting until your dog is agitated or stressed before concluding each session on a positive note. You want your dog to say, "That was fun," as it leaves.

6. Avoid having cut their nails too short

Even the calmest dog may become agitated when nails are trimmed too short because it hurts. The "quick" blood vessel can be found in dog nails. Cutting into it can cause intense pain and bleeding.

7. Do not forget to clean your dog’s ears

You must not use the Q - tips unless the veterinarian recommends it. Instead, try to use an ear cleaner. With this, you should clean your dog’s ears periodically. This also helps prevent any ear infections.


You need to remember that you are your dog’s biggest friend and protector. If you are knowledgeable and confident you’ll avoid the injuries and fatalities that seem to be the norm of the day at these big grooming centres.

If you need a secure dog grooming service for your pets, you might want to visit Another Home, a facility that cares about its pets like they are their own. Feel free to get in touch with us through our website or send us a mail at [email protected].


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