Everything You Need To Know About Dry Cat Food

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Cat Food

  Jan 31, 2023   |   401   |    3 min read

If you have a cat, you will always be looking out for the best food for them, right? The root question that comes into any cat parent's mind is should I feed my cat wet or dry food? There are various pet parents who opt for dry food mainly because it is cheaper than wet food, whereas a few go with wet food, considering it to be healthy. It is because some veterinarians say that wet food has almost 80% of moisture, which leads to a healthier life for your cat. On the other hand, according to some vets, dry foods have more nutrients. But which one to trust? Let's read this blog to acquire information about cat food to know which one to choose to feed your pet.

Don't Get Influenced By The Commercials

Your cats are not going to purchase their food by themselves. Thus the company targets you by showing you attractive food commercials. They use alluring words like all natural, grain-free, and raw, which are ample enough to fascinate you. However, these words are nothing for your cat, so ignore the hype and try to know more about the ingredients before picking your cat's food.

Ignore The Comparison With The Outdoor Counterpart

To encourage you to buy fresh refrigerated meat, the food manufacturers force you by mentioning that your cat would never eat dry food if they were living on their own. Perhaps they would eat the fresh meat of the animal they killed. But the problem in such scenarios is they will not eat the meat only, but his entire catch. Meat surely has amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, but they also have harmful bacteria that are not good for your pet's life.

Possibly this is the reason why indoor cats live more than outdoor cats. The lifespan of indoor cats is 9 to 15 years, whereas the lifespan of outdoor cats is somewhere around 4 to 5 years only.

Note: Ensure to provide your cats with meat at a regular interval of time, as they are carnivorous animals. However, don't feed them meat regularly as well.

Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

As a pet parent, you choose the foods by comparing different factors. One such factor is the price. Dry cat foods are cheaper than wet ones, but that doesn't mean that they have fewer nutrients. Good quality dry food has more nutritional advantages than that cheap quality wet food.

Apart from that, dry cat foods are very easy to store and require less area. You don't have to do a lot to clean up after feeding your cat. In case you are feeding wet cat food to your cat, you have to wash the bowls, clean the feeding area and sometimes clean up the cat as well.

Focus On The Nutrients Over The Ingredients

It doesn't matter what food your cat is eating, but what it gets from that does matter. You must have to check the nutrient present in the food before offering it to your pet for good health. The food companies will try to convince you that one ingredient is better than another, but that's not the case. It's important to offer the cats food which helps them grow by fulfilling their nutritional needs.

So whether it is dry food or wet food, as long as they don't contain harmful ingredients, they are good for your pet.

Which One To Pick: Dry Or Wet Food?

Don't go with the hype created by the food manufacturers, but look for the nutritional food your cat wants to eat.

Look at the packing of the food and find the term "manufactured by." As quality pet companies generally go with manufacturing the products by themselves. This is done to maintain the ingredient amount and manufacturing process.

Consult An Expert!

When you are buying food for your pet, always remember to consult a veterinarian. Alternatively, you can take your pet to a pet care center that provides veterinary services to your pet. It will be easier for them to decide if something is wrong with the food, as they are the experts. If you are in search of the best pet care center near Gurgaon or Delhi, then you can visit Another Home. We assure you to give your dog a homely vibe and a great diet that is good for their health.


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