Things To Know Before Booking Pet Groomer

Things To Know Before Booking Pet Groomer

  Feb 16, 2023   |   388   |    2 min read

When you own a dog, it’s common that you must take them to a professional pet grooming facility once a month. When it comes to our beloved dogs, we want what is best for them, whether it’s food or grooming services. This guide helps you with what questions you should ask the pet groomers before the grooming session.

Some people may believe asking questions to the groomers may seem a little bizarre. But do not stop yourself right there. You have a right to ask any questions to your groomer as long as it's related to your pet and grooming services.

What To Ask Your Pet Groomers Before The Appointment

1. How Long Have You Been Working As A Pet Groomer?

Although it may seem a little crazy to ask this upfront, it will help you determine if this groomer will be perfect for your pet buddy. It will explain how many years of experience they have in this industry.

If the groomer has been in this industry for years, it indicates that they run a top-notch practice and will treat your furry friend with the utmost care and attention they deserve. Remember to ask if they are certified or not.

Sometimes, a groomer can authorize some aspects of the grooming procedure to their assistant. So be open to asking if the assistant is qualified or certified and, most importantly, experienced with pets.

2. Have They Ever Groomed A Dog Of My Dog’s Breed?

Experience is crucial when it comes to pet grooming. Every dog has different grooming needs according to breed. Poodles need haircuts almost daily, not like a full haircut but a little trimming to keep hair from matting. Most breeds only need to be brushed and bathed.

Ask the groomer how often they groom dogs like your dog’s breed to know whether they are familiar with the customized care that your dog needs.

3. Ask About The Grooming Procedure

You can start by asking how long a grooming session takes. And what kind of products do they use to ask them about their grooming techniques and style they do on dogs. Their answers will give you insight into their level of experience. A typical grooming session should take about an hour.

Asking about the products that they use is also very crucial. Many shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals that irritate your furry friend. Also, make sure to inquire about the ingredients they use in their products, their uses, and whether they are safe for the dogs. In the end, ask about the grooming style that they prefer. Cause most dogs have sensitive skin that cannot tolerate such styles as it will irritate them. If the groomer needs to give you a simple and straight answer or seems unsure, it is best to find someone who seems experienced.

4. Can I Have A Tour Of Your Pet Grooming Facility?

Lastly, ask about the pet grooming facility. Ask if it's clean and well-organized. Do the dogs seem happy and relaxed over there? How many people are there?

And there you have it; asking these questions before accepting these services will help you choose the right dog groomer for your furry friend.

In the end, if you are searching for an experienced and entrenched pet groomer around your area, you can contact Another Home for more queries and learn more about pet grooming services.


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