What Questions Should You Ask A Pet Groomer?

What Questions Should You Ask A Pet Groomer?

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For most of us, our dogs are not just a pet, but a part of our family; few people even treat their dogs as their babies. So, when we think about our dogs' safety and care, we become more careful. We want everything to be perfect, but we don’t have that much knowledge. That’s the reason why we need a professional dog groomer. Dog groomers are skilled people who take care of both the physical and hygienic health of your dog.

They will take care of your dog’s physical appearance and groom them properly. The work of a dog groomer is to make your dog look good by cleaning its teeth and trimming its nails. Grooming is a must-needed thing for our dogs.

So, when it comes to finding a perfect dog groomer, we do get confused because there are many places that provide pet grooming services in Delhi or nearby places, but we want the best for our pets. To get your dream groomer, you have to research, search online, ask for a recommendation from your friends and family, then interview the groomer, ask him questions and then decide if the person is a good choice for you.

So, to help you to get ready for the interview process, we have made a list of questions you should ask a groomer. Before giving them your dog.

Must Ask Questions To Your Dog Groomer

When you meet your groomer-to-be, have a conversation with them. Understand their thought process, try to read their body language, to know what kind of person they are. Tell them your concern, and see how they react, ask them about the facilities they provide, and meet other pets staying at the pet grooming center. Only after being fully assured, give your pet to them.

The Questions You Can Ask Your Pet Grooming Center

Let’s now look at the list of questions you must ask the pet grooming center, to understand them and their perspective in a better way.

1. Since when have you been providing pet grooming services?

This person is going to take care of your baby, So you need to make sure that the person is experienced enough. If you are going to take your dog to a pet grooming center, have a checklist of all your requirements.

2. Where did you get your training and the kind of training do they have?

Ask them for the training center; they get trained and research about that training center to know if they have been trained properly or not. Training can be different for different people. Some have learned on their own, some have learned while training and some have attended the classes for it. Question them to know about their knowledge, experience, and skill.

3. If they have breed-specific experience?

Not every breed is the same, some are difficult to control, and some are easy. Sometimes, it depends on the grooming style; sometimes, it depends on the temperature; and sometimes, it depends on your dog's breed. So, if you have a dog, before hiring your pet groomer, ask them if they have worked for your pet’s breed specifically.

4. What are the pet grooming facilities you provide?

Check if they have the best facilities for your furry baby or not. If there are ventilated workstations, clean and hygienic salons, game zones, tubs, and other dog-friendly products. Check everything by yourself to be 100% sure.

5. Apart from brushing, haircut and shampoo, what are the services available from their end?

According to experts, to know more about a pet grooming center, you should research the facilities provided by them. Visit their salon, check if they have trimmed nails and hair, cleaned ears, and check the skin infections.

6. What is the overall grooming process?

Whether it is a groomer or grooming center, they have different sets of services and facilities. Ask them what their overall grooming process is, and check it with your requirements.

If you don’t have much knowledge, use these questions as your checklist

  • How much time do they need for your pet’s grooming?
  • Where is the waiting area?
  • If they have potty breaks?
  • What if the dog is not feeling comfortable?
  • If they will provide a person who will supervise your dog?

7. What are the steps they follow for your pet’s safety?

Check the ingredient they use for your pet grooming to see if that is good enough for your pet’s skin. Research if the product has any side effects.

Also, check what is the behaviour of the staff or your groomer, towards different pets, for more safety.

8. In case of emergencies, do they have a first-aid kit?

In case of an injury, You need to know how the groomer will handle the situation, And if they have a first-aid kit at their pet grooming center or not. Even if they have a first-aid kit, what are the things available inside it, and if the staff member knows how to use it?

9. What are the charges, they ask for your pet's grooming.

Prices of grooming depend on various factors like your pet’s size, shape, and breed. So, ask them what the charges are asking for your furry baby.

Some grooming centers provide a package of two-three facilities together, whereas some have specific charges for each. So, before booking one, know about the charges first.

Wrap Up

If you are going for pet grooming in Delhi, you will get hundreds of options, but if you need the best, we will advise you to come to Another Home. We are a pet boarding facility located in Dwarka and Gurgaon. We take care of your pets like a baby and provide them with all the grooming facilities they require, along with food treats.

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